cpo pick up

cpo pick up

I will be flying to new york, from chicago, to pick up my cpo tesla next week. Any advise would be helpful. Maybe a list of what I should be checking on the car before I sign off on it at pick up

akikiki | January 4, 2019

Flip through some of the pages of this section looking for the same question. Asked and answered many times.

jayarr | January 4, 2019

the Chicago to NY flights are normally fine. Security are the normal pain in the ass and the Chicago Pizza Hut air side is shite. Try and get an aisle seat.

Lavw5670 | January 4, 2019

Do check back in and let us know how it went. I am vicariously living through others until I can afford to do what you are. Enjoy...........

BossHoss | January 4, 2019

CPO from Tesla in Chicago? Model ?? You gotta be excited.

gilthrond | January 6, 2019

I recently did the same thing, though in San Diego and drove back to the Midwest, and consolidated a small list from a lot of different resources.

1. Prepare financing early, as much as possible. But, they don't usually get you the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement until the day before, it seems. The FAQ references several ways to pay. ACH from your checking account for part or all works best. (Remember wire transfers and checks from your bank can take a few days to set up.)
2. Take a printout of the website listing and/or the Motor Vehicle Order (vehicle configuration) to compare to the actual car. Mine was missing the spoiler (so they arranged for installation of one at a later date).
3. Since you'll probably be driving it back to Chicago immediately, don't forget to arrange insurance. Tesla will want to see this, too.
4. I used this link's info for a general pick-up advice, even though some only applied to a new car:
5. The supercharging network is pretty solid and I didn't need much else than the in-car nav. But, PlugShare,, and other resources helped me get over any range anxiety pretty quickly. Since it's winter here in the Midwest, maybe stay at superchargers to get an extra 5%. (Though, it's been pretty mild so far!) Consider enabling Range Mode.
6. Make friends with your delivery advisor. They can and should be able to answer most questions you'll have after delivery. They can also access a lot in your account that you can't necessarily see (like changing your home service center to Chicago since it'll probably default to NYC).
7. Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy the delivery experience and especially the drive home.

8. Develop a relationship with your service center. You can ask them about prior service history, any outstanding recalls, and anything else that comes to mind, though I've found most questions can be answered here in the forums or in the many things documented elsewhere on the webs (thank you,, among others).

Skybound747 | January 7, 2019

I did the same. Purchased a model s in Colorado and drove it back to NJ.

Everything in the post above is correct... i'd like to add to the descussion.

When you drive home, you can loose as much as 20% of your driving distance on your battery if.... it is cold out side. Make sure, at the high speed Tesla charging stations, you charge your "new" car beyond the recommended charge time to the next super charger... (based on your Nav)

I was making my way across Iowa, via I-70 and the temp was around 35F. I left the last supper charger showing i'd make it to the next station with 10% of the battery left. Half way there, i had to slow down to conserve energy to make it. The warned me of the problem and suggested I slow down and reduce my speed. I Arrived with 5% left. (about 20 miles)

Kind of caught me off guard. Made sure to charge longer.... as a buffer at the next station.

Good luck with your purchase and be safe driving home.

p.c.mcavoy | January 12, 2019

@Skybound747 - Must of been an interesting trip driving I-70 across Iowa, although growing up in the state I’m not sure I can think of what route you must have taken.

Starsky3 | January 12, 2019

I live in LA and recently picked up in San Diego. I was thrilled with the car. I did notice a crack on the front bumper and a little damage to one of the light assemblies. other than that it was I like a new car in and out. When I was shopping, I noticed that all the damage was pictured in close up usually with a ruler to show the size of the dent or scratch. They also said what you get is "as is". I loaded the pictures from the web site to my phone and showed them to my delivery specialist explaining that there was no evidence of damage. I explained that I drove three hours to pick it up and didn't want it with that damage. He got on the phone and a few minutes later they agreed to fix the damage. I Love my model S and it truely is like a brand new car. Bring the photos they sent you. Just in case.

Lavw5670 | January 13, 2019

Very nice @Starsky3. What did you get? Cool to hear it is like new in and out! That is a great suggestion to have the photos they sent in hand!

PrescottRichard | January 14, 2019

Thanks for posting all this (to everyone)/. I’m heading to SD soon for a 2016 90D :)

Gotta say- the pix they send you via Dropbox are VERY small jpg images by today’s standards. Still, when you see a ruler that means something is wrong in that photo!

Starsky3- I’ll be driving 7-8 hours each way, so I’m hoping I get similar treatment.

There was a 90D (may still be there) in Baltimore that looked like a good deal, but it was scratched up front to rear on one side. At least $2k to repair, and that’s the ‘I know a guy’ price. If anyone is looking for a project and it is still available. Not too many miles IIRC, silver.

Thanks again for sharing!