CPO X90D or 2019 100X

CPO X90D or 2019 100X

Your thoughts please trying to decide on an X90D CPO or 2019 X100D

burdogg | February 4, 2019

Need more info :) Like X90D - any idea when it was built? AP 1 or AP2? Supercharging? Cost difference? Are they both CPO, or are you talking 2019X new - as they don't classify it as 100D anymore :) Driving needs....etc...I know you aren't new to this, but some of the info would help us give you thoughts as well :)

Passion2Fly | February 4, 2019

Oh, god! there are so many differences. It all depends on the mission. what do you need it for?
2016 X90D will more likely be AP1 with free supercharging. the 2019 will be AP2.5 with no free supercharging.
2016 will have MCU1 and a 81 kWh usable battery versus MCU2 and a 95 kWh for the 2019. So, range difference and faster user interface for 2019. The AP2.5 will, eventually, be FSD capable. AP1 is done, no more additional features...

However, the price difference is huge. You can get a low miles (~25k) loaded 2016 X90D for ~$75k. You won't touch a 2019 X100D under $100k even without EAP!

pjalan | February 5, 2019

X 2019 100D (extended range) will be latest and greatest.

nipper2 | February 5, 2019

Ok so I think I will go with new. I bought my S which I will keep but now on the X I just have to decide if I should lease or buy.

Uncle Paul | February 10, 2019

With the recent price decreases on large battery Model X as well as the reduction on the Tax Credit, buying new makes lots of sense.

Redmiata98 | February 10, 2019

..uh, the tax credit loss INCREASED the net price and I don’t think the “price decreases” are equal to that loss yet.