CQuartz paint protection verses wax?....

CQuartz paint protection verses wax?....

It's been a while since I have owned a vehicle that I really wanted to keep as nice as possible (most of my last few were leases).
With that said, I have been reading about this product called CQuartz, and how it can eliminate the need to constantly polish and wax your car for as long as two years.

Has anyone used this on their MS? If so, is it worth it? Does it lessen fine clear-coat scratches (swerl-marks)?

What does it cost (average) for a professional detailer to do a full polish, and application (including the cost of the product)?

LiteWait | March 27, 2013

I'm getting 22PLE on mine today. I decided to go with the 22PLE over the CQuartz because my detailer said it gave a deeper finish look. I'll let you know how I like it when I get it back on Friday. Cost is $350 for the polish and another $350 for the 22PLE application.

Velo1 | March 27, 2013

Where do you get it applied? An auto detailer?

Ohms.Law | March 27, 2013
bish | March 27, 2013

Has anybody used Glass Coat by Simoniz? There was a really interesting segment about it on Modern Marvels.

TikiMan | March 27, 2013


Ok, now are am way beyond confused after reading all that!!!

So it appears it's a choice between...

-22PLE VX1 Pro
-Opti Coat 2.0

The Opti Coat 2.0 appears to have the best overall warrantee, however, it's application sounds a bit more difficult, so I guess I need to talk to a few detail shops to find out who uses it.

Ohms.Law | March 28, 2013


I'm way beyond confused too. But I guess one takeaway, for me anyway, is the wipe on - rub off waxes are not as relevant as they used to be. I'm quite sure the purists may disagree but my ears are way beyond hearing the difference in LPs and my eyes are well probably incapable of decting the difference in a 9% gloss improvement over 7%.

TikiMan | March 28, 2013


I agree! Shine really comes down to polish, and how it's done. After that, it's all about protection of the clear-coat.

I have tried all kinds of products (waxes, polishes, etc) over the many years on various cars I have owned and leased. Oddly enough, the best looking final finish product I have found was actually "Magic Black" (for dark color cars), because it contained black dyes in it, and would actually fill all the tiny surface scratches in one step. However, the protection was only seasonal, as waxes still breakdown and eventually wear off, and have to be re-applied.

With these new new 'ceramic-type' finishes, the science is very different, and it appears they are meant to adhere to the clear-coat, and provide a much thicker, tougher, and longer lasting protectant finish. Thus, if you just wash your car on a regular bases, you shouldn't have to spend all those extra hours constantly removing and adding new polishes and waxes, just to keep your ride nice looking. At this point in time in my life, I just don't have the time and energy to constantly be working and tinkering with my car (as much as I still really enjoy doing it). As it is, just washing my MS takes way to much time, and I am already looking at hiring a professional mobile auto detailing service for my weekly washes.

TikiMan | April 1, 2013

I decided on the 22ple, after reading so many great reviews on how much it makes a difference.

I found a local authorized installer / pro-detailer, who is in the process of doing a full two-step detail/polish. After stripping the wax, he quickly showed me how many paint correction issues there were on the car, just from the factory alone. So, I am very excited to see the final result!

Either way, I will try and post some pix after the 22ple has cured, so everyone can judge for themselves. Stay-tune...

LiteWait | April 1, 2013

Here is mine with the 22PLE. The pictures came out a bit dead. It looks much better in real life and in direct sun. I also got Huper Optik 40 all around:

TikiMan | April 1, 2013


Comparing your older photos, with the most recent, it actually looks outstanding! Very NICE!

djp | April 1, 2013

I have had Simoniz Glass Coat on our LEAF for two years. Very Please, and just had it applied to our MS

HzSoGood | April 6, 2013

What would u guys recommend for a white MS.

TikiMan | April 6, 2013

Here is a link to some photos I just took of my P85 Sig after five days of curing with the 22PLE VX1 Pro finish...

If anyone in the Southern California area (LA, OC, SD, IE) is looking for an amazing pro-detailer, here is the guy I used...

trydesky | April 6, 2013


Can you use your car during these 5 days? That could be a problem. This is my only car.

TikiMan | April 6, 2013


Yes, it dries within a few hours, and ok to go out in any weather after eight hours. However, it cures over the course of five days, and looks it's best after full curing.

Brian H | April 6, 2013

Your facebook links don't work for anyone but you.

TikiMan | April 7, 2013

@Brian, Sorry, I am not sure how Facebook works with adding photo links. Either way, if you 'like' Tesla on Facebook, you can see them.

I just don't have the time to do all the various procedures to get a photo up on this site right now.

mhatch | April 7, 2013

Did a concours level polish on a metallic white P85. Took 9hours. The paint was 100% perfect. Not one hairline scratch anywhere when viewed under 500watt lights. Had the Cquartz put over it. Very happy. I'll try to post pics later. The polish level is overkill but the result is incredible. Btw, the detailer said the tesla factory paint was exceptionally good to start. Better than many more expensive cars he does. But to get it perfect he still went over it literally inch by inch. Need time to see how good the Cquartz performs but it sure is shiny. I think the depth issue depends on the condition of the paint prior to applying the Cquartz or any other coating.

I am 3146 | April 7, 2013

I just finished polishing my three month old Black Model S with Glare Professional. It still needs 24 hours to cure but it already has a great gloss which is supposed to get deeper after it cures. It was a lot of work since I hand applied/removed the cleaner and two coats of polish. I will post pictures tomorrow.

gorsak | April 7, 2013

Who would y'all recommend in houston to do this type of finish on my white model s?

LiteWait | April 7, 2013

Vive Houston did mine.

Results (First 2 Photos):

gorsak | April 8, 2013


skulleyb | April 8, 2013

Los Angeles recommendations for good detainees?

Tesla229 | April 8, 2013

@ TikiMan:

"Here is a link to some photos I just took of my P85 Sig after five days of curing with the 22PLE VX1 Pro finish...

If anyone in the Southern California area (LA, OC, SD, IE) is looking for an amazing pro-detailer, here is the guy I used..."

I just used the same detailer this weekend. Eric was extremely knowledgeable about car finish feeding & care, and his attention to the even the smallest detail was exceptional. As beautiful as the Sig. Red was to begin with, it is truly BREATHTAKING now, with his expert 22ple treatment. Can't wait to see it after it's completely cured, in a couple more days. The depth is amazing - looks like there's 20 coats of paint!

I highly recommend Eric Schuster and Envious Auto Detailing for anyone considering the 22ple treatment!

drp | April 8, 2013

I have been looking in the Chicago area and have had no luck. Does anyone have help? I wanted CQuartz and paint correction but I have not been able to find anyone. I am sure that I am missing something and please email me if you know of someone or do this.

I am in the Western Chicago suburbs.

spraisoody | April 8, 2013


Thinking about using Vive, did you do your wheels/rims as well for that price?

LiteWait | April 8, 2013

Yes. The whole thing was $755.00 for the Paint Correction and 22PLE. The car was better than new when it was done.

Envious Eric | April 8, 2013

Thanks for the referals guys, I appreciate it greatly. It was a pure joy to work on your cars for you!

As for detailers in different areas:

Texas - - Josh is outstanding and will give you results you are looking for!

Chicago - - Ivan knows what he is doing and will give your car the proper care it deserves!

whomever you go with, tell them Eric with Envious Detailing sent you!

Envious Eric | April 8, 2013

22 is a glass silica based coating that will dramatically enhance the look of your car's paint. Add in proper paint correction to relevel the clear, enhance the gloss and depth and your car will outshine and look better than any car on the road, all the while being protected!

Instead of scratching the paint/clearcoat, you will be scratching the 22PLE, which acts like a sacrificial barrier to protect your clearcoat. It will truly save your cars paint over the years with proper maintenance. Most detailers are charging $400 or so for coating applciations - whether its Cquartz, 22PLE, opticoat. All are good, but 22PLE just looks the best!

I am recommending that about a month after the 22PLE is applied, a sealant wax be added to the car to provide that slick feeling. 22PLE by itself is not slick, its not designed to be. However, thats an easy fix and looks will be stunning with 22PLE alone, and feel slick with a wax on top - the best of both worlds!

any questions, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to answer:

Brian H | April 8, 2013

If you post pure promo, please put --ADVERTISEMENT-- at the head.

djm12 | April 8, 2013

As far as I can tell, I'd really like to buy a previously owned car from anyone that posted so far. Such dedication.

swhardy | April 9, 2013

Erik, thanks for your input. Can you recommend anyone in the east Phoenix metro area? Also, how well do these types of coatings protect against sun damage? Although the cosmetic benefits are obviously nice, I'm more concerned about protection against the sun.

Envious Eric | April 12, 2013

They will protect better than any sealant wax out there! The coating provide a new barrier to protect your clear coat (just like the clear is supposed to protect the paint). The 22PLE or opticoat forma measurable layer of protection. IMO, 22PLE LOOKS much better than opticoat. I have a client who is having me remove the opticoat from a year ago and apply the 22PLE next week.

Pheonix are, Ill have to find someone for you.

EliteFinishDetailing | June 26, 2013

swhardy, I know a really good Installer for CQuartz FINEST in the Phoenix area named Wills.

Windows and Wheels Auto Detailing LLC
Wills Amstutz
Scottsdale, AZ

aa | December 3, 2014

Any suggestions for removing small amount of yellow paint that got on my dark blue MS after a minor scrape against a yellow-painted pole?