CR trashes Karma

CR trashes Karma

Heavy, slow, loud, cramped, poor visibility, and a control screen which is "an ergonomic disaster."

olanmills | September 26, 2012

Thansk for the update, but this news is definitely not surprising.

Vawlkus | September 27, 2012

But it IS fun to laugh at Fisker

aaronw2 | September 27, 2012

My father has a Fisker Karma. It's a beautiful car but I have to agree with the Consumer Reports article. His car has been in the shop numerous times. When he tried to drive it over Sonora Pass all the warning lights suddenly came on and he had to pull over. They were going to send out a tow truck until they realized where he was (Sonora Pass is a 9600 foot pass in the Sierras with a 26% grade in places). Anyway, he was able to restart the car and limp home (after a couple more incidents along the way).

He still loves the car and I have to admit it's a stunningly beautiful car, but it's totally impractical IMO. It is indeed quite cramped inside with the battery taking up a huge amount of space in the center of the car and the gasoline engine is quite noticeable in its sound. The touch screen is absolutely horrid and rather buggy. If you want to see how bad the touch screen is, take a look at this video:

olanmills | October 1, 2012

No offense to your father, but I have to wonder if people who say that they love the Karma are saying so both because they spent so much money on it, and put a vote of confidence in something that was a little off the beaten path. In otherwords, they are trying to avoid looking like they made a bad decision or got fooled.

Because the guy on YouTube who gave a very in-depth review of the car sounded the same way to me. He kept mentioning all the flaws, and there was almost nothing good about the car, other than the way it looks*, and yet kept mentioning, "...but it's a great car!"

*and I think this is far from a universal opinion too. I wouldn't say the car is ugly, but I think it looks really funny.

Brian H | October 1, 2012

Funny ha-ha or funny peculiar? Or both?

olanmills | October 4, 2012


Yuro | October 7, 2012


The Karma is Fisker's first car. Like the Roadster, it's got some issues, but it IS a great car to drive and to look at. It has little trunk space, the back seat passengers can't sit up straight. The screen is too small for doing all that it does and the logic of it is pretty illogical. It also tends to not work all the time.

But, it's got great torque, like the Model S, great handling and is engaging to drive. In short, it's "lovable" I get that. Anyone who has owned a Porsche or a Jaguar would get that. A car doesn't have to be objectively perfect to be lovable. I don't think the people who criticize their Fiskers and still love them are all that unusual, nor are they just justifying their purpose.

I went out to a Fisker dealer to look at them. I was offered a test drive, but declined because I didn't want to love it. 5500 lbs? No room? No trunk? $100,000+? That's all I need to know. I sure like the way they look though.