Cracked windshield

Cracked windshield

I was driving home from work today and going down a side road when I heard a thud and saw a large crack going across the bottom of my windshield. After uttering a string of obscenities that would have made a sailor blush, and looping around to see if anyone had thrown something at my car (I was going too slow to kick anything up), I called Tesla support. They said that my local SC (Milford, CT) could replace the windshield, which was at least some good news. My question is: should I go through insurance or not?

PatientFool | January 7, 2019

Hopefully you'll have more luck then i did. I live in the bay area in California and initially called Tesla. They told me they recommend i go through insurance and safelite which i did. Then i get a call from safelite who tells me they can't fix my car because they can't get glass from Tesla. Back to insurance who tells me i can get it fixed anywhere so i call Tesla back. They make an appointment for replacement in Fremont. A day later i get a call from Tesla telling me they don't fix windshields. I explain i tried going through insurance and safelite and it was a dead end. They give me 3 other vendors in the area. I search on yelp and choose one with 5 stars that is owner operated and call him directly. After providing my insurance reference ID to him, he comes out 3 days later to my house and replaces it - but, i still need a service appointment to have the cameras calibrated. Latest appointment is 2 weeks out. Still, he handles everything for me including service appointment payment and honestly has made it as easy as possible for me.

So ultimately it was fixed quickly and seems to be fine. AP even seems to work fine despite not having the cameras calibrated yet. But as you can see, not the smoothest experience for me.

PatientFool | January 7, 2019

oh i should add that the cost to me was my deductable. the actual cost to replace i believe i heard was $2400ish.

MilesMD88 | January 7, 2019

Local Atlanta Tesla SC replaced mine & calibrated for A/P in 2016. Total cost $1,313. Submitted it to insurance & paid my glass deductible, they paid rest.
Windshield $675
Light / Rain Sensor $138
Seal $28
Labor $472

reed_lewis | January 8, 2019

Luckily here in Mass, we have zero dollar glass deductible. I have had to replace two windshields on my Model S. Both were done by JN Phillips as they are the company that Tesla recommended. Both were done without issue.

The best thing is that in Mass, it is not a surchargeable item, and I never even see the bill. It is paid directly to the glass company.

jordanrichard | January 8, 2019

Raj, go through Milford, I did. This is how it will work. Milford does not work directly with insurance companies. You pay the bill and then your insurance company will reimburse you. You can take your car anywhere and I chose Milford to do the work. There are only 1600 Tesla's in CT and I didn't want my car to be the one that Safelite learns on. It will be an all day affair, so prepared to be getting a loaner. It may take some time for the glass to come in. E-mail me and we scan set up a time to talk over the phone and I can fill you in more.

DRFLGD | January 9, 2019

Thanks RIch. I emailed you last night. The long and short is that Milford called and said the windshield should be here by Friday morning. I am planning on taking it down Saturday morning and leaving it with them. I hope they have a Tesla loaner car because they're harder to get nowadays.

jordanrichard | January 10, 2019

I just saw the email now. For some reason it went to my Junk folder which is extremely odd because you are one of my contacts along with all the other club members.

DRFLGD | January 10, 2019

I've sent several emails in the past that I assume did the same thing.

jordanrichard | January 10, 2019

I just identified your email as not Junk, so hopefully it remembers to not file away your emails.

helmut | January 11, 2019

Nice greetings from Austria!
I also cracked my windshield of the model s.
Here in Salzburg they fixed it in 5 days.
I used the insurance so the costs are only about 400 Euro...

DRFLGD | January 11, 2019

Let's hope Rich.

And I think that I had a tiny chip or crack in my windshield and the heater created a monster crack. I took it down today and couldn't get a Tesla loaner, but got a 2029 Highlander, which was fine. | January 12, 2019

@DRFLGD How is that 2029 Highlander? Are they still making Hydrogen cars in 2029 or are they about to introduce an EV yet? I appreciate you coming back to 2019 to let us know what will happen :)

DRFLGD | January 12, 2019

Where we're going...