Current timeframe from Order to Delivery?

Current timeframe from Order to Delivery?

Hi all, what is the current timeframe from ordering a MX to delivery? I live in Los Angeles, and I know that it depends on configuration, etc. But I just want an approximate timeframe to get my affairs in order.

Thanks much!

Hoopfan | May 6, 2019

I am in Seattle and ordered one online on Sunday (May 5). No update / estimate about time yet. Apparently they give you three days to make changes to the configuration w/out extra fees. Hopefully they will communicate soon. Kind of bummed at the lack of clarity here.

Anupstakshak | May 6, 2019

I am in Seattle and order my X on 4/28 and so far my status is not showing a VIN. My loan work is approved and now its showing that they are "drafting up my contract". No other update since Friday 5/3. Anyone know how long it takes from this phase?

Luisito | May 6, 2019

So far my here’s what I have experienced:
Ordered 3/19/2019
VIN 4/3/2019 15 days from order
In Production: 5/2/2019 30 days from VIN
Expected to finish production on the 7th of May
Still no idea on delivery.

dynabe | May 7, 2019

Welcome to Tesla ownership. An automated world where customer service has been replaced with computer based non-human transactions.
Now imagine owning the car and requesting service..... I’m sitting around. 10 day wait time, maybe 5 for tires.

bradpitzel | May 7, 2019

Ordered MX 4/27/2019 in Seattle, and no updates since. Reading online it doesn't seem too unusual to be in the dark for 2wks, just a bit frustrating when you are spending $$$$ on a car. Like that old song, "....the waiting is the hardest part...."

candy_sr | May 11, 2019

H from Houston here. Ordered the new Standard Range X (250mi) 4/27/2019 and still no VIN. Waiting seems to be endless. Thinking of getting an inventory new 100D for same price and configuration except for black interior instead of white.
Anyone having same sentiment? Thoughts?

Luisito | May 11, 2019

I just got the infamous email that my P100D, 6 seater is on it’s way to be delivered on the 21st including refreshes. So it took 2 months. I ordered on the 19th of March, they started build on the 2nd of May...

jjgunn | May 11, 2019

It took my config 2 months last year. (April-June 2018).

If you live in the Bay area it shouldn't be much more than 4 weeks to delivery. 8 weeks out of Bay. Only took 2 weeks for the M3

tesla-martin | May 11, 2019

Los Angeles, ordered on April 29th and still waiting for a VIN. It's interesting to compare it to my M3 order where I ordered it on Sunday and picked it up on Wednesday. When I returned the M3 a few days later and ordered the MX I had hoped the process would be just as fast!

jimglas | May 11, 2019

the M3 was already in inventory, they are building the MX

dapetrun | May 12, 2019

It sounds like my order of April 29th will come down to the wire to get the better tax credit.

seb022503 | May 12, 2019

We placed our order on 3/23 and picked up on 5/7. Were in Austin Tx

nintendomas | May 12, 2019

@Luisito, that's awesome! how do you know for sure it has the refreshes? i ordered mine on April 9th. vin one week later but as of last week my vin changed back to the reservation number. two delivery agents said i will get the refreshed X but i don't think they really know for sure. delivery date is May 15th so guess I'll see soon but I expect another delay.

Luisito | May 12, 2019

@nintendomas, I was told from the Austin sales reps and my delivery specialist. Also from researching on the web from everyone else asking the same questions, there's this website that can decode from your "View Spec" link from your Tesla account. Just right click and copy the address link and paste it into the "Enter Link" text box. (I did change my reservation number just to be safe).

It will decode what options from your order. The codes that I researched online that are relevant to the refresh and FSD autopilot with hardware 3 are:

DU03 - New drivetrain
SU03 - Adaptive Air Suspension
APH4 - Hardware 3 Autopilot

When I tried mine it had all three. I'm not sure what the code is for the faster charging. So if anyone knows, please chime in. Also, correct me if these codes are incorrect. My Model X started production on the 2nd of May and finished on the 10th. I got the delivery date text message as well as a call from my delivery specialist. I’m sure hoping that it’s the refreshed model. I’ll be picking up in Dallas.