Cybertruck towing capacity

Cybertruck towing capacity

Ok, I knew the predicted 300,000 pound capacity was a stretch, but the numbers I'm seeing are very disappointing. I love my model 3, and I pull a 5th wheel camper with a Chevy Silverado. I really like most of the features of this crazy new Cybertruck, but I really hope I'm reading the towing stats wrong. 10k to 14k? That's an average half-ton truck.

Phuriousgeorge | November 21, 2019

Plus good luck hitching your 5th wheel to it. Really wish there was more shown truck-wise. I saw the concept photo of the trailer being pulled. How are they planning on integrating a hitch to keep the clean/jagged lines

chadbobb | November 21, 2019

You didn't seriously think it would be highway rated to 300,000 lbs I hope. You can easily pull 300,000lbs with this on flat ground if it has fully inflated trailer tires. Watch the ford video of them pulling a 1,250,000 pound train... On flat ground with steel railcar wheels.

80k lbs is a Semi Tractor Trailer at 80 feet long. Legally restricted to 80,000 lbs in the U.S.

WillRide | November 21, 2019

I didn't expect anything near 300k, but I thought something like 20 to 30k could be possible with all the tourque available from an electric powertrain.

chadbobb | November 21, 2019

I don't think it's big enough to do 20 to 30k. It looks smaller than a half ton. To control a 30k pound load it needs to be bigger than a mid-size pickup. That's brakes, suspension, frame, overall mass and finally the motor/torque.

prl99 | November 22, 2019

For the majority of people, 10-14K towing capacity will be just fine. For those who want to be able to pull a second house, watch for the smaller semi truck. That's more like a Ford F-350/450. The Cybertruck is competing with the F-150 line, which it does quite nicely.

What I want to see Tesla demonstrate is towing an average camping trailer (5200 lbs + 1500 lbs cargo/water/etc) up hills/mountains, on the freeway, and on country roads and see how much of an impact it has on the mileage. That's all you should be towing with something like a F-150.

mndwgz | November 22, 2019

I'm curious to see what will be offered for a receiver hitch. All it needs to do is haul an Airstream better than the newer Suburbans.

Cybertruckee | November 22, 2019

And what will be the range when pulling a 6,000 lbs trailer?

Madatgascar | November 23, 2019

20-30,000#? Sure, you could pull it. You just won’t be able to stop it going downhill. So they would never rate it for that much. Not sure I would even feel comfortable with the advertised 14,000# capacity if I had any significant downhill.

N6JRA | November 25, 2019

Guys, the truck is limited to the hitch rating. No such thing as a 300,000 lb hitch. As for a 5th wheel, Im hoping and praying they make these sides removable, foldable or something. A sliding 5th wheel would work in some applications but if we get those sides out of the way it'd work in most applications.

N6JRA | November 25, 2019

Madatgascar (nice name:)) . These trailers have their own brakes. Nobody freewheels 15k lbs downhill... good way to die.

Ehninger1212 | November 25, 2019

14,000 is 3/4 ton territory. not 1/2 ton

andy.connor.e | November 25, 2019

The half ton ratings thing never made sense to me.
Whats the tow capacity and whats the bed capacity.
Semantics, abbreviations and vocabulary can KMA.

Gimme the numbers! 3500 in bed, 14000 on hitch. Good nuff.

Ehninger1212 | November 25, 2019


You are correct, it is an OLD naming scheme that has just stuck around. I think thats why Tesla inst placing the cybertruck in one of these categories.