Cybertruck Will Feature Optional Stealth Paint Technology!

Cybertruck Will Feature Optional Stealth Paint Technology!

Patent applications & Elon's tweets point toward a special stealth paint that would make Cybertruck invisible at night. For further details, watch this video:

ernie | December 14, 2019

Highly question the use of stealth paint to render a vehicle invisible to other 4-40k lb. vehicles headed toward said stealth vehicle. Does not seem to be well thought out any more than tinting side and front windows any more dark than is legal.

andy.connor.e | December 14, 2019

I think having paint on this vehicle would defeat the purpose of having the exterior super hard stainless steel thats dent and rust proof. Then when someone hits your side, it'll make a mark in the paint. | December 14, 2019

Not sure I'd call matt black a stealth paint. Agreed it could look really cool. The one downside of matt paint is your hands show shiny surfaces around door handles from oils in your hands. It's very difficult to keep clean too. Perfect if you own a car wash :)

jordanrichard | December 14, 2019

What makes the F-117 Stealth fighter “stealth” is a combination of it’s shape and radar absorbing flat paint. Also “stealth” does not mean invisible to radar it means a greatly reduced radar signature that makes it not look like a plane.

Radar absorbing paint is certainly not cheap or even legal to be used by the public since this would help one potentially evade police.

Xerogas | December 14, 2019

@tomasrey88: doubt this patent will be applied to cars. Most likely used for StarLink satellites, to appease astronomers.

crt6598 | December 14, 2019

I believe this feature may be more designed for military/police/special response unit applications. If the truck’s location can be seen by the respective command, then there’s no need for anyone else to see it, until it’s too late!.

hcwhy | December 16, 2019

Just what the world needs.....a bunch of high speed, hushed, invisible vehicles on our streets.

Passion2Fly | December 16, 2019

these cars wouldn't be legal.

Bubba2000 | December 16, 2019

Need a Apocalypse Cybertruck version:
1. Sealed waterproof cabin, frunk, storage. Air filters against smoke.
2. Amphibian capability with ducted water jets or propeller to navigate during flood, storms. Very common in my area.
3. Deployable PV to charge batteries. Triple junction PVs would be best, but expensive. 50-100 miles per day? Important to have outlets for power during natural disasters. Usually gas pumps go empty quick. Loss of electricity.

sneazzy95 | December 30, 2019

Painting is to be avoided on this kind of vehicle especially if you do not want the steel to oxidize