Dallas Detailing

Dallas Detailing

I got my Model S two weeks ago and have been experiencing the "Tesla Grin" like so many others on this forum. Just wanted to put in a quick plug for the Opticoat and detailing work I had done here in Dallas by Scott Hair at He was very professional and got "my baby" looking gorgeous. Apparently, my hood had several swirls in it-- direct from the factory. He mentioned that the paint was relatively soft (especially blue?). Here is a link to a posting he did about my car and a few others on autopia:

I couldn't be happier! I've never had a car this beautiful and the opticoat seemed like the best way to protect it. The price was very reasonable.

People are commenting and pointing at the car everywhere I go! Thank you Tesla!!!

jackan | November 17, 2013

Wanting to get this done also. How much? Thanks in advance. Jack

brian.wilk | November 17, 2013

I've also used scott do put Opti on my car and it came out great. I highly recommend him and his son.

Dallasdds | November 17, 2013