Dallas-Houston / Dallas-Austin Trip Recommendation

Dallas-Houston / Dallas-Austin Trip Recommendation

Hi all,

For those of you that are in Texas and waiting for the superchargers which when I spoke to somebody on the phone at Tesla HQ few weeks ago had a tentative date of early-mid August, what place are you guys using to charge the Tesla? any specific RV Park or KOA that is Tesla friendly? Door to door is 283 miles (Irving, TX - Richmond, TX) so I will definitely have to stop somewhere to charge for at least an hour. I will be getting a single charger equipped in my car.

Appreciate the help, there are plenty of places to charge but any recommendations would be grateful, we do a DFW-HOU trip at least once a month.


sandman | July 12, 2013

might get more response in the Texas Dallas or Texas Houston owners forums. I've been to a few RV parks(non-national RV parks) and they were unfamiliar with what I was trying to do. I just showed them the car, said I just need a 14-50 plug and gave them a $10 for the day's access. None of them had an issue and were friendly. Call ahead if you can to make sure they've got a 14-50 Nema plug. Most do.

Brian H | July 12, 2013

They're more familiar with "50-Amp" terminology than the Nema terms, which are just Latin/Greek to them.