Day 1: minor issues

Day 1: minor issues

1) auto presenting door handles stopped working after 4 hrs?!. Options set correctly, turned option off and on. Did not reboot (how does one do that?). Will check in the morn.

2) on a slightly sloping driveway with creep off. Car rolls back a lot when u try to drive ahead. With creep on it is much better. Same issue with trying to reverse up a slope. I drive a stick and I know how to manage these with a hand brake. Any suggestions?

3) headliner above both passenger doors is not fully tucked in. Will take it to Menlo park Gir service next week.

4) can one demand a 4.3 update from the console or does it show up automatically ??

Tâm | March 31, 2013

1) Auto Presenting Door/Walk-away Auto-locking: not working properly with Update V4.3 (1.25.40). There's new Update: V4.3 (1.25.45) which I haven't gotten yet but others have reported that it fixes those problems.

2) People find Creep On would help on sloping hills. I prefer Creep Off because I can move from brake to accelerator quickly and stop the sliding down.

4) You cannot get an update whenever you want it. You have to wait for your turn, then suddenly it would invite you.

Brian H | March 31, 2013


Two feet. Activate the lazy left for the brake pedal. Use right to press goose pedal till car pulls slightly against brake. Release brake. Climb hill. Zero rollback.

shilo_js | March 31, 2013

Door handles - pull and reinsert the fuse. Should fix it as it did on mine. 2 minute effort, tops. Check the Owner's Manual for fuse box location and specific fuse location.

mdennick | March 31, 2013

My door handles stopped working correctly one day. Of course stuff like that happens when your doing demos for friends. I discovered later that night my wife had left her key fob in the cubby. Problem solved. The door handles work fantastic 95% of the time. The only time they don't work right is when I'm showing a friend. ;-)

I have 4.2 still, impatiently waiting for 4.3.

negarholger | March 31, 2013

Door handles - if car is in my garage and go into garage with fob i.n my pocket door handles present, leave garage door handles retract... Third time I go into garage door handles stop presenting ( fool me twice) and I have to press the fob twice.
While rolling backwards and then going forward there is a torque hole at zero speed, that irritates me on slopes so I use two feet method. Car beeps, but that doesn't bother me. ( could someone invent a rotating field at zero frequency please ) | March 31, 2013

3) While I'm sure Tesla will fix this for you, you may be able to fix it in 30 seconds. Just lightly pull the edge of the rubber door gasket over the headliner. It's designed to hide the rough edges of the headliner.

HzSoGood | March 31, 2013

Thanks all, Rebooting the "car" fixed the handle presentation issue.
Two foot until new s/w I hope. It truly rolls free with creep turned off.
Will work on trim when I go out to the garage for the 7th time this morn!

diegoPasadena | March 31, 2013

The accelerator pedal does not feel *exactly* like an ICE's. It has a smoother onset of power, which you will come to *love*. After driving the car for a few days, you get a good sense of how far you have to press it down to avoid any kind of roll back. The first few times, it will roll back too far, because you didn't press far enough. The next few times the car will jump a little, because you pressed too far, and pretty soon, you'll have it perfect. Actually, I find it extremely well-balanced.

oakport | April 20, 2013

I've got one for you. On 3 separate occasions a key fob has remained inside the car when I left. The first time I was sort of freaked out, but as soon as I touched the door handle, the handle presented itself to me.

Problem solved, right? The immediate problem was solved, but an even greater problem was exposed.

Anyone touching my door handle would have full access to my car and could just drive off into the sunset! My 3 incidents were one after a car wash when I simply forgot that I didn't have the fob in my pocket and the other 2 were when the fob fell out of my pocket. On 2 of these occasions, the fob was clearly visible. I (willingly!) gave up my 2010 Lexus RX 450H which would not allow me to leave the car with a fob inside! I find this to be a security hole wide enough to, dare I say, drive a Model S through.

Unless this is limited to my vehicle, it should be repeatable. Let me know!

jat | April 20, 2013

@oakport - if you dropped your physical keys in your car before, would you consider that a fault of the car that it allowed you to? If you leave your house keys in the door when you leave, is it a fault of the house not to warn you?

Solution - simply keep the key in your pocket. If it falls out when you sit down, then you are going to have bigger problems when it falls out in a restaurant/etc, so you should attach it to your keyring.