Dead Animal FREE Upholstery

Dead Animal FREE Upholstery

So far it looks like the seats covers are leather in all the photos. Any chance of a leather-free option for those of us who aren't fond of sitting on dead animal skin? How about the steering wheel?

Rocky_H | May 21, 2014

Malkialaini: "Isn't the point of an electric vehicle to be Eco conscience or are Telsa owners only driving this vehicle as a fad statement?"

Wow. You win the false dichotomy of the year award. There are large issues of environment and sustainability that do not have to do with avoiding killing animals. First of all, think of what agricultural peoples do. They live with the land, using the plants and animals for food and materials and not polluting. Farmers grow crops and raise animals, not just to look at them, but to use them.

The issues of clean air and water are an environmental concern that isn't generally animal-related. I would like a vehicle to run on an energy form that pollutes less. Electric lets the source actually make use of hydro (my state) or solar, etc. rather than having to use dirty gasoline as the only source.

Also, I want my vehicle to support domestic energy usage. We can produce electricity closer to where it is used, saving energy in the transport of it. Also, that is less dependent on the middle east, which has a lot of political and military problems associated with it.

But since you have couched it in that false dichotomy, concern for all of those issues means nothing, because you say if it's not about the animals, then one is automatically on the other side of the line and it's just a "fad". That's honestly kind of offensive.

Rocky_H | May 21, 2014

And I didn't get leather seats because I just don't like leather seats in cars--they always seem to be too hot or too cold and too slick and slidey.

TeoTeslaFan | May 21, 2014


Quote: "I don't understand why Vegans would be against leather, which is a product that is not directly responsible for killing animals."

I think some people love all animals like they love their pets. I can understand why leather would remind them of killing animals. Some people are just sensitive like that. I don't think it is a logical decision they make. It is just how they feel.

I'm not a vegetarian but I don't eat chicken wings or drumsticks because it reminds me of chicken, an animal that once used those parts to move around. But I do eat chicken breast steaks and processed chicken meat because to me these are disassociated and don't trigger an reaction.

DouglasR | May 23, 2014

@Teo - I grew up in a Jewish home. My mother would never serve ham or pork with a bone in it, but it was OK if it came in a can. Similarly, my brother used to think there was a difference between tuna and tuna fish. The former comes in a can; only the latter has a face. ;)

DonS | May 23, 2014

I was going to skip the "DEAD ANIMAL FREE UPHOLSTERY," but darn it, the live ones wouldn't stay in the right places.

p3t0r | May 23, 2014

the title of this post is very misleading, I thought someone was giving away free upholstery and a dead animal.

too bad I could have used some free upholstery.