Dead car is not an emergency by Tesla

Dead car is not an emergency by Tesla

I went out in my garage to leave tonight at 8:00PM and found my car completely dead. It will not respond to anything. No lights, no keyfob, not connected to the Tesla phone app... It is plugged into the wall charger. After hunting down a phone number for Tesla (Not on their website) I sat on roadside assistance for 25 minutes before anyone would answer. If I went anywhere else you would not get a human. When they finally answered they said everything looked fine on their end and someone would call me around 10:00AM in the morning to schedule someone to come out within a week! When I got angry at this the person on the other line said that was my only option. And that because it is plugged into the wall charger they can't just call a tow truck. So I am just stranded here? What if I was on the side of the road? I'm just venting because this is just crazy.

lilbean | October 16, 2019

If you were on the side of the ride, they would send someone out right away but you are in the comfort of your own home so you aren’t technically stranded.

fdelzingaro | October 16, 2019

Lilbean, That might be the way you look at it. But I had somewhere I had to be tonight. And tomorrow morning I have an appointment as well. Never the less being stranded for days and possibly a week. Let's put the shoe on the other foot and see how you would like it. They said no matter where I was since I was stuck plugged in they couldn't just send a tow truck (3rd party). So I could be sitting at a suipercharger or destination charger somewhere and would still have to wait for days or weeks. That's what they said on the phone.

lilbean | October 16, 2019

No. I understand but they may have thought you could get an uber.

COrich | October 17, 2019

BTW, you can call roadside assistance directly from the phone app.

Unless you can get into the car, there is no way for you to release the charge port plug manually. You need access to the left rear trim panel inside the vehicle. So, a tow-truck driver will not have what is necessary to disconnect things. The mobile service person will.

This could be a failure of the 12v battery. Have you been getting any warnings lately?

JustSaying | October 17, 2019

I think you can do this with a 9 volt battery also but you will need a jump start for the 12 volt in the funk.

Bagzzz | October 17, 2019

I agree with the OP. This is a pivotal time in the transition to EV’s where most people are just now becoming aware or the actual viability. Just a few stories like this could set back the movement a couple years. I am confident that prioritizing these type events would help Tesla Mor than hurt... unless these events were so common that Tesla does have the resources to handle them which case a 2 year setback is justified.

fdelzingaro | October 17, 2019

Just a follow up...10:00 rolled around this morning and no call. I called them at 10:30 and was told they were scheduled to be at my house between 12:30 and 2:30 today. 12:15 and I got a call that he was 15 min. away. When he go here he said he didn't get my call this morning, he was told while he was on the road about me. He tried power cycling the high voltage and nothing. He put a spark box on the 12 volt and it came to life. But when he pulled the spark box it still stayed up. He checked the 12V battery and it had 13.5 v on it. He said he had other calls in the area and he would check back with me to see if it stays alive before he leaves the area. So last nights support sucked, but today he was great.

fdelzingaro | October 17, 2019

Oh, and I have not recieved any warnings about the 12V battery.

COrich | October 23, 2019

Glad mobile service got you up and running. How old is the car? It still might be time for a 12v battery replacement.