Defected New Car

Defected New Car

I just picked up my Tesla Model S Yesterday in Denver and had a bad experience. Before leaving the shope I found a dent in a panel on the roof, a part of the car not painted, a piece of carbon in the interior dulled from rubbing against the arm rest, as well as bubbles numerous places on the protecting coat. This is not to mention about 7 things included with the car that were not available yet, like the super charger, a chrome piece, the back trunk cover, and more. Plus when I drove it in the snow today it skidded all over the road, would not make it up an easy hill, and the wipers make a ghastly sound. The service guys assured me they would get all the "defects" taken care of but encouraged me to drive it until they coudl take care of it. I called and emailed them today for reassurance and no one got back to me. Unbelievable. | February 14, 2013

I find this hard to believe based on my experiences with the Tesla Service Center in Denver (& the store in Lone Tree)...No difficulties with today's minimal snow or any other snow in the last month.

sayidreddy | February 14, 2013

NO supercharger? Do you mean that the supercharger addition wasn't put in your car or there are no supercharger stations in Colorado? Did you add the supercharer as an option if you are a 60 kwh or how do you know if the supercharger is not there becaause it is my understanding that it is simply a part of the internal charger?

shawndrucks | February 14, 2013

I have an 85kwh. My apologies. I'm talking about the high power wall connector. It's on back order, along with the twin charger, a chrome piece on the car, a part on the 6 point, rear facing, child seats, as well as the parcell shelf. In regards to the Denver service perhaps you bought your car when Tesla was buidlng 20 cars a week, now supposedly they are producing 400. The Denver location is now delivering cars in multiple outlying areas and even states. Perhaps this the reason for the difference experience and also the defective car.

riceuguy | February 14, 2013

I hate to sound skeptical, but I have never seen a post from shawndrucks before, and for someone who is an owner he doesn't seem to know a lot about the car other than problems that could be read about as common ones on here (obviously he meant the twin chargers or the HPWC, but anyone who ordered the car and has it should know that!!). Sounds a bit fishy.

noel.smyth | February 14, 2013

This is a job for Brian H.

drp | February 14, 2013

Hmmmmmmmm......sound like NYT?

shawndrucks | February 14, 2013

Here is my vin number and car number. 5YJSA1DPXDFP04586 car number 9,782. Have them look it up for you riceguy. Give me your email address and I'll send a picture of the my garage along with the dent, paint issue, protective issue and the carbon scrathes on the interior.

It's the first time you've seen me on this form because I just got the car YESTERDAY!!!!

Hills | February 14, 2013

I am sorry you had a bad experience (read your other topic as well, and there is no need for 2 topcis). Your experience is the exception, not the norm. Tesla is not close to perfect. Tesla will make it good, if you give them a chance.

I have researched Tesla for over 2 years, there are lots to learn. Not surprised with your performance tires slipping on snowy hill. There are many knowledgeable people on ths forum who will help new owners who write diplomatically.

There are numerous threads on the forum on winter driving, snow, charging, etc. I have learned so much from other people on this forum. I am sure you will too, and end up enjoying your car.

RedShift | February 14, 2013

Take it easy guys!

Shawndrucks, people are a bit amped up around here lately following the NYT yellow journalism piece on the Model S last week.

Hope you get your issues resolved with Tesla.

RedShift | February 14, 2013

Shawndrucks, another piece of advise:

Ignore nickniketown. He has lot of defects, and it would be kind to not point them out to him all the time.

shawndrucks | February 14, 2013

Thanks for your help guys. I also agree it as an amazing car with much potential and I really hope they can reach it because the car is revolutionary. I'm getting snow tires ASAP.

Hills | February 14, 2013

There are lots of discussion on snow tires too, and 19" Wheels.

Use this to search the forum.

clr4option | February 14, 2013

Congrats on your Model S and sorry to hear of your issues. Just keep on your DS and the service center. Tesla is regrettably aware of delivery issues. They will make it right, just stay on em.

Superliner | February 14, 2013

Looks like we are getting into the "not so early adopters" who have not like most here lived on these forums. for me it's become an addiction lol!! I refresh pages hoping to see a new post or thread.

I've read nearly every thing possible (well maybe not quite that much) but certainly everything contained on the S site, designed and redesigned my Model S more than a hundred times.

Congrats on getting your S shawndrucks!

That said your op "did" sound a little suspect. Most here who did and who would plop $70k + down on a car seemingly "should" appear more knowledgeable of the "common" names of the Model S charging accessories such as "Twin Chargers" or the High Power Wall Connector HPWC". Hard to imagine getting all the way through the design, reservation, finalize, and delivery process and have the car at home already and not have heard these terms a hundred times. (unless the car was purchased for you and you were not part of the process until delivery) "wild guess"

Anyhow Welcome aboard and DO enjoy your S!!

olanmills | February 14, 2013

I hope (and believe) Tesla can sort out your issues with the missing and or damamged parts of your car.

When it comes to slipping all over the road though, Performance tires are known to perform poorly on snow and ice (some brands/types don't even do well in plain old wet weather). If you have a lot of icy/snowy condition for a long period of time, you should definitely by using winter, or at least all-season tires for safety sake.

Brian H | February 14, 2013

Not me. But some checkable info would be nice. There's none provided.

Brian H | February 14, 2013

Unless you're referring to the title. "Defected" means switched allegiance to the enemy. It does NOT mean "suffering from defects". A truly illiterate error. Makes me wonder, it does.

petero | February 14, 2013

Shawndrucks. Sorry to hear your news. Two weeks ago I took delivery of my “S” and my experience is 180 degrees different than yours. The fit and finish is superb - no dents or scratches. I have car sales and restoration experience spanning 30+ years and I am very impressed with the “S”. My only negative comment is TM has a ways to go in developing their communication skills.

It is common knowledge that rear children seats, wall chargers, parcel shelves, CF spoilers have been on back order. According to the forum, many patient early “S” owners are just getting their ‘due bill’ items installed. Be patient yours will be filled soon.

I have a couple of questions. You mentioned the twin charger was on back ordered. I am surprised as twin chargers is usually installed at the factory, especially if you have ordered the HPWC wall charger. I assume the bubbles in the protective layer you mean the ‘paint armor’ (vinyl covering to protect paint) and not bubbles in the clear coat paint- an easy fix. The dent could easily have been a gift from the delivery carrier, especially if it is on the roof. You mentioned the handling in the snow, do you have 19” all weather or 21” performance tires? If you have 21s you may wish to discuss this with your buds at TM Denver (or whoever you are buy your wheels and tires from) because you will need 19” wheels and you want to make sure the wheels, tires, and tire pressure monitors are all set up properly

Regarding riceguy’s comment. Often reservation holders contribute questions and comments on the TM Forum. This especially true for early reservation holders who have waited 2-3 years. You will notice Tesla fanatics are thin skinned and don’t take kindly to the negatives. Which leads me to nick.

Nickniketown. I know it is a free country but your posts are not constructive, enlightening, humorous, or appreciated. Please feel free to bless fiskerbuzz with your future posts. Their website is:

craig.tesla | February 14, 2013

Brian H: from this and other comments on another thread, it strikes me you aren't aware that there are people in the world whose native and primary languages are something other than English. Quite a few of them even live in the US. Many of them can afford cars.

Mark Z | February 14, 2013

There will be a wait for the HPWC, very normal as they are being shipped in the order of vehicle production.

A few missing parts is not unusual. Some trim metal is not always included with the charge cord. Just get all these items listed at delivery time. It's been three months and I am still waiting for the shelf and HPWC.

Paint and other visual defects need to be carefully checked by each buyer at delivery time. Take the time to look in the daylight and under artificial lighting. I have one blemish in the Signature clear coat that we decided would be better to leave alone until I bring the vehicle in for other work.

The rubber strip at the front bumper can indent if you drive into a shrub trunk. The slight depression will not pop out. This was very surprising. Tesla notes all owner created defects when you bring the vehicle in for service. The depression and a tiny chip on the wheel edge by the tire are now part of the record.

To keep your Model S looking good, be careful parking and avoid scraping the wheels. I only use a touchless car wash as recommended and have used damp ultra clean microfiber cloths to gently remove the water drops. While paper towels seem to work good for wheel cleaning and drying (due to oil and grease) do not use a paper towel on the paint. It can slightly dull the finish. Tesla was able to polish the small area to perfection.

There is a thread about the leather that sticks out by the door jam. It can wear if not protected, so enter and exit carefully. I use dark hand towels to cover the floor and keep it looking fresh. A cream color towel on the white leather seat to avoid color transfer has kept the driver seat looking like new.

Enjoy driving your Model S. With over 3800 miles, it's still a great experience every time.

Hills | February 14, 2013

@CraigHuges, Well said!

@Brian H, It is clear that your command of the English language is superior. Thank you for the daily lessons we receive in vocabulary and grammar!

DTsea | February 14, 2013

Just got my car yesterday. DS was great, and the car is fantastic. Has one small issue (drivers side door seal is loose). Other than that it is perfect. I'm sorry to hear yours has not been awesome, Shawndrucks.

Crow | February 14, 2013

I am questioning one part of this report as an exaggeration. It snowed a little today starting at lunch time but the streets were dry by the evening rush. The snow wasn't enough to accumulate on the streets in Denver. The streets were wet, but that was it. It was maybe a half inch accumulation on the grassy areas. So unless he is living on top of Mt. Elbert, I am taking this with a grain of salt.