Deliver US model to Europe

Deliver US model to Europe

So, is it possible to have a US spec/priced model 3 delivered to the Tesla dealer in Frankfurt for pickup?

tandjharris | May 7, 2016

I cannot answer your question directly but I do recall reading about a Model X which is supposed to be tested by VW/Audi in Germany. They bought the car in the US and are using it in Germany but cannot use the European superchargers as the connectors are different. | May 7, 2016

Also servicing could be a bit more expensive if you have to ship it back to the US. I don't think Tesla service in Europe will touch it (i.e. the Warranty for US spec'd cars is for the US only).

Haggy | May 11, 2016

It will have a different connector for charging, which will be a big problem at superchargers.

chuhouse2003 | June 5, 2016

Why would they build different connectors? For example, all Nissan EV around the world has CHAdeMO charging port.

Red Sage ca us | June 5, 2016

Europe has three phase 240v power, pretty much standard. The Mennekes connector used at their Superchargers is rather ubiquitous, used for a variety of applications.

krissu | June 6, 2016

Tesla already has Supercharger network in Europe with Type 2 plug(but Tesla standard supercharging) and in US with Tesla plug. Putting any other plug to Model 3 would make the Supercharger network not compatible. If Tesla could add and adapter for Combo in Europe would be perfect, alongside CHAdeMO adapter. Other option is to put Combo port to European Model S, then both Tesla supercharging and Combo fast charging would work. That would be a clear advantage vs competition.

Red Sage ca us | June 10, 2016

krissu: The Supercharger network is not Type 2. The Frankenplug connectors are huge. There is no clean spot to allow it to plug in on the car, except maybe behind a license plate...?

Badbot | June 11, 2016

I remember AND still do that 1966 Mustang

Rocky_H | June 13, 2016

@Red Sage, Quote: "krissu: The Supercharger network is not Type 2. The Frankenplug connectors are huge. There is no clean spot to allow it to plug in on the car, except maybe behind a license plate...?"

Red, Red, Red, you are usually so good, but you are totally wrong on this. @Krissu is completely correct. The Tesla cars and Superchargers do use the Mennekes connector known as Type 2 in Europe. Watch some of Bjorn Nyland's dozens of Tesla traveling videos, for Pet's sake! It is in exactly the same place as on the North American cars, behind the flip out reflector door. However, since it is significantly larger, there is no room for the ring of LEDs around it, so instead, they use a row of three LEDs just to the right of the charge port door.

About 3 minutes into his first video, he uses the Supercharger for the first time. You can see the three flashing LEDs behind the charge port.

Red Sage ca us | June 13, 2016

Rocky_H: To my knowledge, 'Type 2' refers to an AC source for EV charging. Superchargers are DC, and therefore Type 3. I already knew the connectors used for Superchargers in Europe are of the Mennekes design. Krissu was speaking of 'Combo' connectors, which I presume are CCS, AKA 'Frankenplug'. The Frankenplug connectors, which combine the AC and DC connectors in one unit, are indeed far too large to plug into the taillight assembly as has been done on Tesla Model S and Model X thus far. Both the Tesla Wand design used in the US, and the Mennekes connector are vastly superior to the Frankenplug, and allow AC and DC use through a more handy interface.

Rocky_H | June 20, 2016

@Red Sage, Ah, I see. You are confusing the terms "type" and "level".

Quote: "Rocky_H: To my knowledge, 'Type 2' refers to an AC source for EV charging."

That is "Level 2", not "Type 2". You are thinking of the Level 1 through Level 3. The Type 2 plug is another name for the Mennekes form factor. The term "Type 1" isn't used as much, but that refers to the J1772 handle.

Rocky_H | June 20, 2016

Sorry, I should have given a link for reference.

Red Sage ca us | June 20, 2016

Rocky_H: +1! OK! Thanks for the information and clarification! Helps a bunch.

vrhunski | August 30, 2016

is there any way to charge US model S or X in Europe on superchargers?

Rocky_H | August 30, 2016

@vrhunski, No, there is no adapting for the Superchargers.

zhengst0905 | November 16, 2016

So are the superchargers all the same across Europe or no?

Bighorn | November 16, 2016

Same across Europe but incompatible with US cars