Deliveries increase by 110%

Deliveries increase by 110%

Compared with Q1-2018. Not sure any other automaker can claim anything close to this.

Here's all the details:

Even though production was up, sales did go down from last quarter, as many cars were still in transit to international customers by the end of the quarter. Let the FUD begin!

rxlawdude | April 4, 2019

The FUD has been unleashed already.

RJMIII | April 4, 2019

This is the best example of FUD I've seen:

This guy really had to work hard to make great numbers for Tesla look like an advantage for Audi and Jaguar.

Mike83 | April 4, 2019

Right now Shorting the stock is restricted which suggests the FUD was to help get longs to sell. The attacks against Elon are reprehensible.
another example of FUD was the Sheryl Crow comment that her screen went blank and she asked what to do. Later she said her kid had messed with and all is well but the mainstream media put it on the front pages.
The credibility of some of the media has never been so low and dishonest.

Tesla-David | April 4, 2019

Agree @Mike83, the FUD articles I see everyday defy reason. I am especially tired of seeing articles about the Tesla killers. Where are they? Nothing burger with no killers coming that I see in the foreseeable future. EM has stated publically that he welcomes all EV competition, as each EV purchase represents one less ICE vehicle on the road.

jimglas | April 4, 2019

sez the delsional FUDboy

rxlawdude | April 4, 2019

You know what I find interesting? Not one thread started by "NOLEK DIMsum."

Hey Dim SUM, are you a Tesla owner? If not, why the hell are you here other than to be a nuisance?

Yodrak. | April 4, 2019

I'm wondering why I'm reading only about Tesla's Q1 deliveries, and that they were below expectations. How did other auto makers do on deliveries? And more important to me, about those expectations? I'm more concerned about the trend in deliveries for all auto makers - who is up, who is down with actual deliveries? Expectations are subjective and may be biased.

carlk | April 4, 2019

Quarter to quarter variation can not be avoided. Tesla has had more than 50% yearly growth since 2012. That's all what counts.

kcheng | April 4, 2019

"rxlawdude | April 4, 2019
You know what I find interesting? Not one thread started by "NOLEK DIMsum."

Hey Dim SUM, are you a Tesla owner?"

Hmmm...this kind of classless insult shouldn't be allowed.

carlk | April 4, 2019

Don't think that's classless insult. That's insult with a lot of class.

Madatgascar | April 5, 2019

Drop in deliveries was inevitable.
1) Tesla pulled out all the stops at the end of 2018 to empty the delivery pipeline to beat the expiration of the full tax credit in the US. Everyone knew this pulled demand forward in the US.
2) Q1 shifted focus to Europe and China, as planned. Needed time and some retooling to prepare cars homologated for Europe and China, and to get them in transit. Deliveries didn’t start until February, whereupon Model 3 immediately seized 31% of the midsize luxury car market in Europe, despite no advertising.
3) Had to overcome one-time delivery logistics issues in Europe and a customs issue in China.

FUDsters claiming this is the “beginning of the end” for Tesla will be sorely disappointed.

kcheng | April 5, 2019

"carlk | April 4, 2019
Don't think that's classless insult. That's insult with a lot of class."


NKYTA | April 5, 2019

@kcheng, apparently you don’t know NOLEK and his previous handles.

NKYTA | April 5, 2019

Google Brodering if you want similar bullshit.

kcheng | April 6, 2019

@NKYTA, doesn't matter, it's not about NOLEK, but the form of the insult. It's insulting to Asians.

NKYTA | April 6, 2019

@kcheng, I interpreted it as an comment on NOLEK’s subpar IQ and consistent trolling behavior. But I understand that it could be interpreted otherwise.

rxlawdude | April 6, 2019

Dim as in reduced mental prowess. Don't be a snowflake, kcheng, it was not intended to reflect delicious tea cart Chinese cuisine.