Delivery location change

Delivery location change

I have already reserved for Model3 with my current address in NY state. However at the time of delivery if I relocate to another state, what are the consequences or requirements for delivery?

CNSMS | November 13, 2016

This was a question I asked when I reserved an M3. I was told it's as simple as changing your address on the reservation.

Ahegde | November 14, 2016

I am in a similar situation, and my concern is if I will lose my place because I will be moving from California to Minnesota.

dsvick | November 14, 2016

As far as requirements, you should go into your myTesla pages and update your address there so that they know the new address.

Consequences are harder to determine, in all likelihood you will not get you vehicle as quickly since they are starting deliveries in the West and moving East. On the other hand, you could avoid telling them that you moved .. you'd have to pick it up in California though, and pay California taxes.

Badbot | November 17, 2016

wait until you are told to configure your 3 then configure it get a delivery date and then change address.