delivery in the morning, can't sleep

delivery in the morning, can't sleep

I knew I'd be anxious but this is ridiculous - not one minute of sleep and it's 5am. Ugh!!!

Hope my wife pays attention during the delivery process while I nap in the frunk.

teslagiddy | March 21, 2015

My car doesn't come for another 6-8 weeks and I'm already up at night waiting for it! Congratulations. Enjoy your new ride. You getting vanity plates?

Anthony J. Parisio | March 21, 2015

Sorry to say it does not change much after you have it. Soon you will be looking for excuses to drive it. You will find yourself grinning which will turn into a laugh because you can't believe a car like this exists AND IT IS YOURS! Than when you have no reason to drive it you will wash and waxing it, even though you never hand washed a car before. It goes on and on! I wish you all the best.

sbeggs | March 21, 2015

Today is your day! Enjoy the delivery and the resulting grin thereof!

mrk | March 21, 2015

Nice! Sleeplessness pre-delivery is part of the deal...

Mine just arrived at the SC yesterday. Picking it up tomorrow. Traded in my first MS (P85) for a P85D. Locked in the trade at the end of January. So, have been Tesla-less since then. Can't wait to be back in the owners club!

PhillyGal | March 21, 2015

Nope, not much changes indeed :)

I woke up today and the first words out of my mouth were "let me check the baby monitor." Aka - Tesla app.

garygid | March 21, 2015

Welcome to the T-family.

In Orange County, California, 4.5 years ago, I organized a "LEAF Gathering" group for those
of us hoping to order, or ordering a Nissan LEAF. The excitement and preparations for
charging were only part of the energy we shared, as we discussed solar power systems,
environmental issues, and life in general. Several of us wanted to help make the EV
revolution a success this time around. Nissan appeared to be jumping "all in" with their
production and marketing plans. They even "sold" (let us order) their new EV over the Internet,
facilitating getting bids from dealers. Some decided to lease, even though the rates were
rather high back then, and others decided to buy. None of the gathering up and crushing
of the EVs that happened 10 years before. We were very pleased to see Nissan "leaping"
into the EV business. Some of us had waited for the Aptera, but this was our first real chance
to get a production EV.

Like with many of you, the pre-delivery anticipation was intense as we tracked "our" EV
into production and then into delivery. Mine was made in Japan, and left port headed
for the USA just days before the tsunami hit Japan. For some the agony of waiting was
intense. Had their car halted midway through the factory, was it inundated by a flood
of sea water, was it piled on, or under, other LEAFs that were waiting to be loaded onto
the huge car-transport ships, or was it radioactive? No word, tension grew, our Gatherings
went from once a month to twice, at different locations, both to give better access to more
interested souls, and give those with busy schedules a better chance to make at least one
Gathering each month. Finally, in the early months of 2011, there were some deliveries,
but... where were ours? We even went down to the Port of Los Angeles (at Long Beach)
to watch, through binoculars, the unloading of cars, with "Do they look like LEAFs?" on our
lips. One member even got a helicopter to fly over the huge Nissan storage yard, capturing
some great pictures of long rows of cars. "Is that white one mine?", we mused.

Finally, near the end of March, 2011, a new batch of delivery notices, and several of us got
our cars within a few days. Then, we started to have a real EV Gathering outside the
resturant where we enjoyed buffet breakfasts together on Saturday mornings.

Now, 4 years and about 100 Gatherings later, the row of EVs is not all LEAFs, since many
have graduated to other types of Electric Vehicles. Five of us have had the wonderfully
good fortune to "evolve" to become Tesla S owners, so we are now the "SoCal LEAF and EV
Gathering", found in the Pacific part of the Regional threads on the excelent MyNissanLeaf
forum (it is fast, and you can edit posts), that now has over 14,000 members.

Our next meeting is in Santa Ana, at the HTB on 17th street, just 2 blocks East if I-5. It starts
in 2 hours and 10 minutes, so I need to get going, feed our darling "puppy" girl, shower, dress,
and pick up another "member" on the way. He has a LEAF, and had eye surgery recently,
but I suspect he really just enjoys riding in the Tesla S, and chatting as we drive.

If you are a kind soul and would like to join in our Gathering, you are welcome.
HTB opens for Breakfast at 8 AM, and we are there at least past 11, often until 12 noon.

I recommend others start similar groups in their own areas.
Oh, the anticipation, how sweet the agony.

Cheers All, Gary

david.baird | March 21, 2015

Did you get it yet, electrophorus, any good? ;-)

SamO | March 21, 2015

Go do something . . . anything that will take your mind off the obvious.

Go to the gym and get punched in the face for an hour.

If that's not your thing, cold buckets of ice water with any and all extremity gently dunked.

Hands, feet and head . . . what were you thinking ;-)

Phaster | March 21, 2015

Electrophorus is too busy driving to read this thread anymore.

teslagiddy | March 21, 2015

Clearly @electrophorus has received his car and having a ball driving it (do not post while driving) or just staring at his beauty... or sleeping in the frunk.

monisone | March 21, 2015

I have had my car for almost 6 months, I still can't sleep sometimes and have the urge to admire the car in the garage or take ti for a ride. Congrats and enjoy your new tesla!

electrophorus | March 21, 2015

Well, picked it up about 5 hours ago, been driving it more or less constantly since then. All my recent anxiety/fear about upgrading to the P85D completely evaporated about 20 minutes after driving away from the SC.

WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW AMAZING IT IS TO DRIVE THIS MACHINE. Forget about the all out insane launches, it's just SO MUCH FUN to drive around normally, with little bursts of instant acceleration at the right opportunities, without anyone around noticing.

It's in my garage now. I keep going in to look and make sure it's ok. You guys are right, the sleepless nights have just begun, I think.

sldelta58 | April 18, 2019

I took delivery of my MS last month and have been very please with it thus far. However, shortly thereafter I noticed some circular rings on my glass roof which appeared to be some sort of a cup stain. After several unsuccessful attempts to clean, I noticed that they were scratches and not stains. I was told that they were possibly made by the robots when the car was being assembled. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there anyway to buff out the scratches?
I have contacted my delivery agent and I am awaiting a response.

sr.smr | April 18, 2019

I am not familiar if a scratch can be buffed out, but from previous experience with Tesla, they will make sure to correct the problem to meet your total satisfaction.

Bighorn | April 19, 2019

Suction cup marks are common. Never heard them attributed to scratches and I’ve never looked that closely at mine.

mcmack15 | April 19, 2019

electrophorus-----CONGRATULATIONS! Best of luck with it.............I don't have a P, but I still enjoy driving my Tesla everyday----18+ months later. The acceleration.........just love it when need to switch lanes, etc.

Tarheel05 | April 19, 2019

Enjoy it. My wife equated riding in it to using an iPhone for the first time... It's unlike anything you'll ever own. Borrowing from EM's interview with Joe Rogan, it's truly the most fun thing you can buy with money.