Delivery Question

Delivery Question

I placed my order for the Model S performance on Thursday and I'm beyond excited! Tesla's site started to show "Tesla Factory is building your Model S" this weekend under the status section of the "My Tesla" portion of this site. My question is this: is there any way to view an estimated date of completion/delivery? Also, how long did it take for your Model S to be delivered after you received the same message? Are there any other interesting things you'd like to share about your delivery experience? I'd love to hear them!

Brian H | May 28, 2013

Delivery buttons can be trumped by phone or other arrangements days earlier.

George with SacEV | May 28, 2013

Financing with either Alliant or PenFed Credit Unions at well under 2.0% interest rates can be done in 24-36 hours, sometimes much less. In case you need to check into such things. My Model S gets delivered next week. Multicoat red, 85kwh, upgrade sound, tech, air, supercharger, tan leather interior. Already have the aftermarket carpets ordered and a dashcam even.

zijunhao1 | May 30, 2013

Just rceived my VIN, ending 12864 with expected delivery late June. Does it mean that Tesla will have delivered 12864 MS when I get it? Tesla did less than 5000 MS in the first quarter of 2013.It looks like they are way above the 4900 forcasted for the second quarter, even considering some of the MSs are for loaners. Some insight?

stsanford | May 30, 2013 | MAY 27, 2013
Long Island, NY.

So you're at most 2 days before me if we're on the same train or truck or whatever they use.

I'm on LI too. I'm a few days behind you with a Grey 60...
Very exciting indeed!

Ksamuellee | May 30, 2013

I just found out today that my Model S VIN number has been posted on the website. I was informed a couple of weeks ago that the delivery will be within the dates of June 7 - June 27. Is there information regarding who/how the DMV paperwork process takes place in California?

mvannah | May 30, 2013 Don't forget they delivered about 2,650 vehicles in 2012, so it sounds like they are slightly ahead of the forecast.

zijunhao1 | May 30, 2013

mvannah, you are right. thanks

eran | June 8, 2013

finalized my build on May 12th, picked up my car yesterday....Three weeks turnaround....Love Love the car....

J.T. | June 8, 2013

I could have picked it up on the 13th but will be away. Getting it on the 17th. White, 85, tan, pano. Valley Stream. Cannot wait. Driving everyone around me crazy.

Wooly | June 14, 2013

Finalized mine on June 12th. Delivery date set between June 28-July 12. Black, 85, black leather, tech, sound, 19’s