Delivery Specialists Experience

Delivery Specialists Experience

First not-so-great experience with Tesla.

Scheduled to pick up my MS on Saturday. Had not heard boo from my delivery specialist since an initial email introducing himself and asking for a copy of my drivers license and insurance, which I emailed back that day.

So last Wednesday I decide to lob in an email just to touch base - actually hoping to be able to pickup my car earlier. No response. Email on phone call on Monday. Nothing.

So today I call Tesla at 12:30 eastern time, saying I am having trouble reaching my deliver specialist. She tell me my car is in White Plains. I ask about paying, service, etc - they say I can go to the pay button on the website - oops, no pay button. They say they need my insurance, which I sent in 3 weeks ago.

She says she will have someone get back to me within two hours.

Call again at 5:30. They say it has been referred to my delivery specialist's manager - but can't tell me a name or email address, but I will get a call tonight.

8:30 I call Tesla and get a recording - leave a message.

Disappointing that my car is sitting at their service center, a place I would never park my Tesla overnight, and my delivery specialist and Tesla are nowhere to be found.

earlyretirement | August 6, 2013

Wow. How frustrating. Mine is good about getting back to me although I've gotten some incorrect information a few times which wasn't fun. But no problem getting emails or phone calls returned.

tes-s | August 6, 2013

How much "prep" is there for delivery after it arrives in the service center from the factory? I know some people have them delivered on a flatbed to their house, so I'm assumming it is not all that involved.

Can I just go there and pick it up? What would I need to bring?

MichL | August 6, 2013

I had the same issues and once I got someone on the phone at this number everything was resolved within hours. (888) 771-2505 I found this number somewhat buried on the site, but it's the line for the delivery specialist team. I took delivery last Friday and good news is I love the car so much I'm somewhat over the poor upfront service (except for the guys that jumped in and fixed, they were great.)

tes-s | August 6, 2013

I will be over it too...once I get the car. I'm glad they don't have dealers because I don't see the value add.

Is there something that describes what the delivery specialist is "supposed" to do - with my car at the service center and delivery scheduled in a few days, the only communication I got was asking for a copy of my drivers license and insurance. Nothing about service options, how to pay...I'm guessing they want me to pay before I drive it away?

AmpedRealtor | August 6, 2013

@ tes-s, ask to speak with Vaasha Lutchman or Chris Swann - both are senior delivery specialists and will respond immediately.

MichL | August 6, 2013

Once I got someone to help they initiated the 'payment' button and within an hr I got my final paperwork. Once those two things happen you can finalize payment and your loan if you have one. They also confirmed my appointment time to pick up the car. Other than that I just showed up, did my version of an inspection, they did a complete run through of the car, options, etc and then I drove away. Pretty simple. I made my final payment online before I went, but only because I financed and had the final check in hand. Would never have fully paid prior to laying eyes on the car. Online payment is acknowledged same day (even if withdrawn a few days later), so you could use your phone to complete while sitting at the service center.

tes-s | August 6, 2013

Thanks MichL. I just got a very nice call from a Tesla delivery manager who explained my delivery specialist had moved to another location, another has been assigned, and they would get everything straightened out - including the paperwork that will arrive tomorrow via email.

This has not dampened my excitement about the car at all, and they are going to meet or beat the promised delivery date of this Saturday.

Now I wish I had called Tesla last week, instead of waiting until today!

MichL | August 6, 2013

You'll love it! Had a lively few days of questions, test rides and random strangers wondering what the car was all about, usually a 'what is that!', then getting more excited when they realize it's all electric and a Tesla. And this in the somewhat saturated SoCal area. Enjoy!

AlMc | August 6, 2013

Not an excuse, but an explanation: TM is rapidly growing/expanding. During this rapid growth phase with people shifting positions (moving around the management chain) things can get overlooked.

If you/anyone experiences this type of situation where you are not being communicated directly it is our responsibility to push for information/express concerns up the chain of command.

If you establish a relationship with an individual within the home office keep their email for future reference.

LionPowered | August 6, 2013

@tes-s: The guys at the service center where I picked up my S85 on Monday pointed out some new cars that just arrived all wrapped. They said those were the first they've seen. Mine was not protected that way so this is a very recent change.

As for prep -- they charged up and detailed my car. When I went to pick up the car the DS spent a lot of time going over everything about the car. I just let him do his job even though I had memorized everything about the car thanks to this forum and the documentation. He had me sign some paperwork related to financing and a document saying that I accepted the car. About a week before delivery they had me send a copy of my driver's license and proof of insurance. They just wanted a copy of my insurance for my current vehicle, not new insurance for the Model S. Also there were some documents that I electronically signed by going to a web site they sent me via email. The whole process was very straightforward and they kept me well informed.

I'd say call them with any questions you have. That's what they're there for, but at least in my case there were no surprises and all steps of the process were carefully explained on the phone and in email.

Colasec | August 7, 2013

About a week before the start of my delivery window, my DS called me and arranged for a delivery appointment of 7/23.

My car arrived at the service center at 7/18. It then sat outside (through a rainstorm and in the direct sun) for five days because they insisted that I have an appointment to pick it up and the soonest appointment wasn't available until my original scheduled time on 7/23.

Plus, I had asked them not to detail it so there was little if anything they needed to actually do with the car.

Frustrating, but I got over it once I finally got the car. :)

mreitman | August 7, 2013

DS experience was very frustrating for me as well. Tesla should address this as it is the first real interface between customers and the company.

AmpedRealtor | August 7, 2013

My DS experience has been great. When I email, I hear back the same day or get an out of office notification with a backup contact in case of emergency. I've had two different Sr. Delivery Specialists contact me as well, one to just put me at ease and to go over the process.

I've had to switch lenders due to being qualified for a higher loan amount with a different lender, Tesla made the change to the MVPA and registration forms and are sending me new ones. This has been a very smooth, almost delightful process. Even though I wanted to get the parking sensors for $500, it was nice of Jerome to personally offer to re-price my vehicle in order to get the sensors, but I opted to keep my order. The response from management was amazing, especially considering that it was over a weekend.

Everyone has their own experience here, but mine has been only positive. I hope the trend continues and that I haven't jinxed myself.

tes-s | August 8, 2013

Epilogue - all is well.

Jeff and Pierce (Pearce?) got everything back on track for me. Lots going on in the northeast and with some personnel moves my delivery got a little lost.

They got it back on track, and arranged my delivery two days earlier than had been scheduled.

Spent the afternoon driving (of course!), tried out the Darien supercharger, and had one small computer problem - called up, learned how to reboot, and it is fixed.

Perhaps some growing pains, but met some really nice Tesla employees today that really care.

jim | September 23, 2014

If I have to be honest, it has been kind of weird of experience thus far! They are all about the money and asking for it up front before I see, touch, or inspect the car. What is really unusual about this deal is, I haven't seen a car in a show room, driven the car, or touched any Tesla ever. I have only seen pictures on the internet and read consumer reports.They claim the car has been delivered to Houston and sitting in the delivery center which looks more like a bunch of derelict warehouses with busted and dirty asphalt/concrete along with active loading docks for big trucks. That area can't be and is clearly not associated with their facility. Hardly a place where I would want to leave my car if I owned it, which apparently I will today, site unseen when my wire goes through. All the cars there about ten in the picture, looked dirty, unsecured, and I don't know, it doesn't look like a good environment to store and service 90k cars. I am assured that the car will be cleaned and stored inside, however, the windshield had so much dirt on it you could barely make out the full serial number she was trying to send me so that I would execute the wire. I was told it was pollen. After seeing the windshield, I can only imagine what is on the car paint job. I was told the car was supposed to be transported in a covered carrier from California to Houston and later delivered to me the same way. When they clean it, if they get the wrong guy with a rag, he will ruin the clear coat but I probably won't be able to tell because they plan to deliver the car in the evening. I am told once I wire the final payment they will confirm the delivery with me and the car will be delivered by a third party who will just do a drop off. This is for a car I have never seen, never driven, (although I did see a picture of it on the internet) and saw one driving around town. I hope the ownership experience goes better then the purchasing experience.

raghu4026 | September 23, 2014

From my experience thus far, the dashboard and the DS is a joke. They give a random delivery date, which is not based on the production schedule, and don't stick to it. I've spoken to the DS, headquarters and the tesla store where I ordered the car and no one can tell why my car has not gone into production yet. Bunch of clowns!

Brian H | September 23, 2014

It prob'ly got scrapped for QC flaws and restarted.

J.T. | September 24, 2014

@jim I hope the ownership experience goes better then the purchasing experience.

That's how they get you. The preownership experience is so awful that your expectations are shattered to the point that any modicum of efficiency by the service center is the most incredible surprise.

lmorelli | September 24, 2014

My preownship experience has been dreadful. My DS has not posted my payment information on the My Tesla page despite repeated requests from me to do so. I finally had to call HQ and got them to do it. He does not return my calls nor does he call me back when he says he would. My car was supposedly on a truck in NJ (to be delivered to Milford, CT) Monday morning but it still isn't in Milford yet. My DS yesterday evening told me the car was there (at the service center) but I called service this morning (because the DS didn't call me back to confirm that/make a pickup appt) and it is still NOT there? I have no idea where my car is. We will see if the DS calls me back today - service said that they will make sure he calls me before he leaves.

Going to find a wall to bang my head against. Tesla really needs to shore up this end of their operations/communications. The delivery people at HQ do not have access to the system my DS uses to track the truck my car is on. WTF? Why not?!!!

LadyInsane | September 24, 2014

@lmorelli ... I took delivery of my S60 in April 2013 and my delivery experience was just as non-functional as yours. To this day, I'm still waiting for some type survey from TM.

Moreover, I'm very surprised to hear from others in this forum about the delivery problems that still exist and TM is basically turning a blind eye to customers receiving a dreadful delivery experience.

lmorelli | September 24, 2014

@LadyInsane...that is a shame. A couple of my friends asked about the car and I had to tell them I didn't get it yet. If I told them how bad the DS experience is thus far I am afraid I might scare them off of potentially buying one, so I am not saying anything to them at the moment.

I wouldn't even mind if I got bad news as long as the DS communicated that to me when he said he would. Getting the silent treatment and being told something that was wrong has got to be one of he worst possible customer service treatments, and is one that is totally avoidable. Shame Tesla doesn't seem to see it that way. Gripe over. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

Brian H | September 24, 2014

Either some of the DSes are being given too much to do, with inadequate tools, or are very badly trained, or are of the cohort whose aim is to earn as much as possible for as little effort as possible.

mcshelhamer | September 24, 2014

I received my car last week and I agree, the pre-delivery process was much more painful then it should have been. I felt like I was always the one initiating the conversation and my DS frequently failed to update me when promised. It seems like a combination of training on effective communication and more auto updates via email or My Tesla would help.

hpjtv | September 24, 2014

Honestly, if most of us weren't educated from these forums, would the delivery process have been that bad?