Delivery of Tesla Model X to Russia

Delivery of Tesla Model X to Russia

Where can I get info on delivery of a Tesla X into Russia? Is there a difference in accessories for European delivery as opposed to US? Thanks for any info. Nick

Tâm | July 16, 2014

It's hard to say because if Model S is not mentioned for Russia by now, I am not sure when Model X will be mentioned for Russia.

If Tesla will sell in Russia, it has to adapt to the market.

For example, Moscow is Left Hand Drives (same as the U.S.) while the City of Vladivostok is Right Hand Drives (same as England).

Most U.S. homes use 120 Volts while Europe homes use 400 Volts.

I don't understand why there is not a Model S in Russia by now.

Tesla does not sell to the Philippines and it has no stores or any ties to that country but that didn't prevent Manny Pangilinan to get his Model S.

This picture below is his very own Tesla car in the Philippines last year in July, 2013:

Even before Tesla had any store in China and did not sell any car over there (until 04/2014), 24 year old man from Dongyang City, Zhejiang, has been able to enjoy a Model S since October, 2013:

Come on Russia! What's going on?

Näky | July 16, 2014

At the moment Tesla Motors don't have presence in Russia or Finland. Swedish Tesla site shows ranger service availability for most of Finland. Unofficial word is that Finland is getting service center and sales unit at early 2015. Then there is slim possibility of ranger service availability for Russia for areas near Finnish border, EU/non-EU border might be problem though.
Ordering Model S now is bit unconventional, basic delivery is at Tillburg Netherlands. It might be possible to make delivery to other service centers like to Stockholm or later in Finland. I believe that for start quite many of Teslas delivered to Finland will be on way to Russia, until service and sales are reabily available in Russia. Superchargers are most likely built between Helsinki and eastern border in early stages, it just few hours travel time (250km).

Red Sage ca us | July 17, 2014

Here is a Russian language review of the Tesla Model S.

I do not know if this was done in Russia or elsewhere though...

Brian H | July 19, 2014

It has Russian plates. I deduce, Watson, that ...

Jolinar | July 23, 2014

Tesla don't have presense in many EU states, but all can order Model S.
For example I am from Czech Republic and we have over 40 Model Ses here which I'm aware of, probably more... I also saw several documented registrations of Model Ses in Finland.

yk | July 28, 2014

Our Russian company buy 20 TMS :)

Brian H | July 29, 2014

For what purpose? Company use? Resale? Lease?