Delivery Time?

Delivery Time?

So I am wondering what is the waiting time frame for the 85kWH with air suspension and how many months will I have to wait until delivery.

andrigtmiller | March 25, 2013

I do not think the wait time is very long anymore. I reserved mine at the end of October, before they made it to full production and I still received my car on the 20th of February. I arrived in Denver on the 18th of February. I think New reservations are taking significantly less time now. I believe Tesla's stated goal is to get this down to a month, but they seem to be getting it down to three or a little less.

jigish | March 25, 2013

you should check out these threads:

lots of people have posted their timelines there. here is mine:

04.19.11 - reserved - P3623
03.07.13 - finalized - P85, black/black/CF, air, pano, 21'' grey, spoiler, tech, sound, twin, hpwc, armor
03.18.13 - delivery button
03.18.13 - delivery questionnaire completed
03.19.13 - received VIN #8827
03.28.13 - 04.11.13 - factory pickup window (Fremont, CA)
03.20.13 - received email asking to schedule factory pickup as soon as 03.29.13
03.21.13 - confirmed factory pickup of 03.29.13 @ 4pm

Not sure if P85 and 85 are similar but if they are I'd venture a guess at 3-5 weeks from finalization to delivery. From what I've heard finalizations are happening right when you reserve so 3-5 weeks from reservation to delivery. Unless you get the multi-coat red. In which case you're looking at more wait.

cindysleong | March 25, 2013

The wait time depends on the battery size. I am still waiting for the 40kWh. If you are purchasing a 60kWh or higher, you will get the car before those of us who reserved a long time ago for the 40kWh.

Omg_Tesla | March 26, 2013

Can anyone tell me that just took delivery recently when you reserve the Model S and what happen between your reservation and delivery time

tylerhen | March 26, 2013

Generally, not much happens at all. When you reserve, you are asked to configure your car and finalize the order(lock in the $5000). You sign the Pre-MVPA and then wait. They say when it is about 30 days until your delivery, they will reach back out to you and have you fill out your delivery questionnaire(factory delivery or where it is going) and you get the VIN number so you can deal with financing. Some people have reported being given a 7 day heads up and others do get at least a few weeks. I finalized 2/19, and I call every once in a while to see if there is an update, but I haven't heard a thing and there is never an update.

diegoPasadena | March 26, 2013

A friend of mine reserved his 85 Performance less than a month ago and has been told he'd get it next week, so, @timsuwat : Better be ready to jump soon after you put down the reservation! :^)

suratchai | March 26, 2013

@tylerhen what battery size are you getting?

amirlit1975 | March 26, 2013

I finalized my on 3/2113. And so far have not heard anything. I've been told I should hear from them this week. But nothing yet. I ordered 60kw, air sus, tech and black. Nothing non standard....


tylerhen | March 26, 2013

@suratchai Getting a 60, air/tech/grey, all buildable stuff just keep getting jumped in line but 85 and P85(I am guessing). When I called last week, I was told it should come off the end of the line the first week of May and when I called today they said I should expect delivery by the end of April. I have really stopped getting my hopes up and just kind of laugh at all the different answers I get from them. From what I have read, I wont even remember all of this when the car actually gets here, so I am trying to just take it in stride.

celtrog | March 26, 2013

reserved Oct 12, 2012
finalized 1/25/13
I envy those who get the car in 4-6 weeks after finalize....
I am a multi coat red...

I feel I am at Rick's Cafe in "Casablanca"........waiting and waiting and waiting

deanes | March 27, 2013

OK, here is my situation. I am in the home stretch with my MS85 in Toronto. I got a call yesterday that I have to make the final payment to initiate home delivery. It has just dawned on me that I am about to wire transfer $100K to a numbered account for a car that I have never sat in or even seen first hand. Can someone please reassure me by confirming that they used the Tesla Motors Canada Inc. wire transfer process and confirm the details.

deanes | March 27, 2013

Well since I didn't hear from anyone on this I just went ahead and took the plunge! Now I await the scheduling of delivery from Toronto. The 2 years since putting down the $5000 seems trivial compared to the waiting for the next week.

Chuck Lusin | March 27, 2013

With that config, it looks like 100 years!