Dent removal

Dent removal

I have a beautiful 2017100D with a small dent on the side by the truck. I am probably the only one that can notice it, but it drives me crazy. I just ordered a suction dent remover, has anyone had success with one?

lilbean | April 20, 2018

Will those work with aluminum? | April 20, 2018

I know professional dent removal services can fix some aluminum dents, but I think they need to push with a tool on the opposite side - meaning they need access to the back side of the dent. Anyway, the suction cup sounds like it might be worth a try, but I'm not too hopeful. I hope you report back your results.

bishoppeak | April 20, 2018

Let a pro paintless dent removal guy tackle it, you'll likely just make a mess of it.

Bill_75D | April 20, 2018

Suction dent removal works with steel because steel has "memory" of where it was before the dent and MAY pop back to its original position. Aluminum doesn't do that.

Tldickerson | April 20, 2018

@Bill_75D, I wasn't aware that you knew so much about memory. Have you spoken to both steel and aluminum to compare their memories? Such a interesting theory!

thranx | April 20, 2018

I have a 75D with a dent (guy backed into me) above the driver's side rear wheel well. Every body shop guy I've shown it too says it can't be pulled because it's aluminum, even though they have access to it from the back side of the wheel well. It has to be appropriately worked. One problem with that is, no matter how good your body shop is, they can never guarantee matching exactly the original paint. I've decided I'd rather have the unbroken original paint showing rather than taking out the dent ($3800/10 day quote from local "recommended" Tesla body shop...$1200/3-6 day quote from highly regarded but non-Tesla certified shop). And my dent is likely way more prominent than yours, Ted. One day if I get the car wrapped, as planned, I'll have the dent taken out and then the color match problem won't matter anymore.

Bill_75D | April 20, 2018

@Tldickerson - It's not a theory. Talk to anyone at a good auto body shop.

Tldickerson | April 20, 2018

Just joking with you! Thought a little humor would be good. Mobile dent removal guys are really good at what they do. I've been in the automotive business all my life and seen some very good repairs. Aluminum isn't that hard to repair and a good painter can match paint too.

ferdd4 | April 20, 2018

I have a 75D that had a bad door ding over the rear wheel well. When I took my car in for service I asked if it could be removed. Tesla rep took a picture and sent it to a body shop and the body shop said no can do needs about $3k of work to get the dent out. I passed on the 3K fix and found a local dent removal guy in Pleasanton Ca that removed the dent, for $300 in 3 hours of time. Check around for dent removal guys they are not all the same. good luck.

TesMD | April 20, 2018

I just had a dent removed from my passenger sise fender by a professional so it can be done. But he used a tool to do it from back side if the panel. You are better off having a pro do it. If you are in S. California and need a referal, I can provide you his number.

NCC1701S | April 20, 2018

My 2015 85D was recently lightly damaged in a parking lot. The driver's side "dog leg" between the rear door and wheel opening received several minor creases from the collision. A body shop wanted about $8k to replace the quarter panel. One dent guy wanted to drill a couple of holes in door jam and try to push the dents out from the inside. But he was terrified that he was going to make a mess, because of the aluminum. My Tesla service manager highly recommended another dent person with lots of Tesla experience. This guy from worked for about two hours doing hot melt glue pulls. Three hundred dollars later, I cannot tell that the car was ever injured. DON'T let someone drill holes. Talk to your service center. Cheers.

Tldickerson | April 20, 2018

Thanks guys for confirming what I said earlier about paintless dent removal.

ATCRomes | April 21, 2018

The YouTube channel "Like Tesla" has a video of their old X being worked on the falcon door for a dent. Done from inside with tool. Pretty interesting info. Check it out.

bill | April 21, 2018

@Bill_75D "Suction dent removal works with steel because steel has "memory" of where it was before the dent and MAY pop back to its original position. Aluminum doesn't do that"

Does aluminum have Alzheimer's?

rxlawdude | April 21, 2018

@bill, fuggitaboutit. :-)

harry pippic | April 22, 2018

Ted, I had an unfortunate incident with a Scotts rotary fertilizer that fell off the foolishly placed wall hook onto the driver's door denting the area around the door handle and the lower panels of the driver's door. A paintless dent tech was able to remove the dent damage on the panels but was unable to get to the area around the handles as the handle cassette was in the way.
I ordered hot glue dent tool and it did the job, not a 100% but looks 90% better. Now unfortunately the TESLA authorized body shop in Pompano Beach wants $3600.00 verses the Rick Case Massaratti /Honda's shop's estimate of $1900.00 to repaint the damages.
Just debating which shop to do the job. Anyone else had an experience with a non TESALA shop ??

Tldickerson | April 22, 2018

@harry pippic, yes to your question about using a non approved bodyshop.

cornellio | August 29, 2019

Not sure if this is new since this topic appeared, but the Tesla support page says, "Tesla Service Centers can perform collision repairs, from paint scuffs or scratches to minor dents in bolt-on body panels."

However when I contacted their body shop in San Jose they just bounced me to a paintless repair person who can fix the dent but not the paint scratch.

Seems kind of pointless to have a body shop that claims to do this work when they just refer you to someone else who will do an incomplete job.