In depth interview with Elon by Autoblog

In depth interview with Elon by Autoblog

Financial, falcon doors and finding faults with the Model S:

Cattledog | September 7, 2012

As a stockholder, I hope he's teaching his staff to fish so we're not looking at the most constricting bottleneck in the history of industrial production (everything going through Elon). As a reservation holder, this totally rocks!


jayzaqt | September 7, 2012

Did I read this statement incorrectly? "The issue with going to the Model S is we're going from around 700 cars a year to 20,000 cars a year."
Does this mean TM won't get to 5000 cars this year or was he referring to Roadsters @ 700/yr??

Ohms.Law | September 7, 2012

Referring to Roadsters.

Whity Whiteman | September 7, 2012

...interview is mindblowing. Elon- respect!
He is so refreshing honestly... "and by the way: it's the best xy on planet earth"- Blamm!

So, if the supercharger get's named like in the old gasoline world:
"I think it's appropriately named, recycling the term, obviously, from the gasoline world."

What could be the name for the pump?


I'm so hot and horny to get this news, although for me -in Germany- problably it never comes anyway... maybe 8 years down the -electric- road.

Brian H | September 7, 2012

The term Supercharging itself is the gasoline term. Turbocharge, supercharge, etc.