DId you buy a 40? If so...

DId you buy a 40? If so...

add 1 to a running count below. (#2, ...)

It occurred to me that not many of these were made, and that makes em even more special ;) I'm curious to get a feel for how many - even though I suspect some large portion will never see this thread.


SamO | July 21, 2013

3% was the last figure. And that was only orders that were turning into sales.

If you then include all the 40's that get turned to 85s or 120s in the future, there will be a small number. If you don't use the Superchargers or take longer trips, it doesn't make sense to upgrade.

ramtaz | July 21, 2013

LOVE MY 40!!

tommers | July 21, 2013

A 40 may always be a testament to how economically a person could have gotten the best car in the world, but since they are really 60s with a software charge governor, I don't think they'll ever really take on "rare" status since they don't have anything else that makes them particularly distinctive from a 60.

jbunn | July 21, 2013

True. Technicaly, there are no 40s, or non supercharger cars. Just software switches.

david.cheney | July 21, 2013

@tommers - thus the wink in my post.

@tommers - heh.. and a $10k discount.

@Samo - I wonder what the unit is ... 3% of all cars made? 3% of sales in 1Q?

@Ramtaz - #2 :)

Xerogas | July 21, 2013


HenryT2 | July 22, 2013

I got one. Love it. For now... :-(

I'm moving to San Diego area (Carlsbad) and have a little range anxiety about the area. In the Seattle area I live in now, I rarely ever even drive 30 miles in one direction. In So Cal, that's how far the grocery store is (not quite, but you get the picture).

Anyway, my 40 was a bargain and, by the latest results, I get almost everything an S85 owner gets except range and supercharging, but for $20K less. Also, when people ask me show much it cost, I'm not embarrassed to announce that my Tesla cost me $54,400 out the door (after rebate) whereas I'd be a little uncomfortable announcing a $75K figure.

+1 to the count (for now)

kingjohn4 | July 22, 2013

#5. Love my 40!

We live in Honolulu, HI, and it's the ideal range for us here I'd say. Driven it around the island multiple stops in one day, and I've never had anything less than 50 miles remaining at the end of the day. The local service center rep said something to the effect of approx 20% of all 40 kWh orders went to Hawaii.

pvetesla | July 22, 2013

Los Angles.....LOVE IT!

earlyretirement | July 22, 2013

@kingjohn4 - I LOVE how Hawaii has taken such an initiative in EV's. I was just in Maui on vacation and saw tons of EV chargers. At several of the hotels we went to they had stations and I just read on the TMC board that any public lot with more than 100 spots is required to have one.


SamO | July 22, 2013


3% of orders that were being turned into sales (when there was a long waiting period). Doesn't really matter since with the 40 discontinued, it's represents a shrinking % of MS produced. My guess is that will have made less than 1000. Maybe many less.

Mathew98 | July 22, 2013

@HenryT2 - You really lucked out in having the option to upgrade to a 60 to suit your needs at any time.

Try to convert a convention ICE from I4 to V6 and see how much work or $$$ it takes post delivery.

larryh | July 22, 2013

count += 1;

eAdopter | July 22, 2013

The 40 is a perfect fit for my area and lifestyle. Typical weekday driving of 30-40 miles, and weekend driving around 90-110 miles. We take the ICE for longer trips, about one or two per year.

You may need to leave your S with me. My wife overheard us last Friday and now wants one ;)
BTW - Tonight I'll stop by and leave the Glare polish on your porch.

HenryT2 | July 22, 2013

I didn't say I didn't love the Model S. I said that the "40" part of it might have to change soon. Here in the Seattle area, 40kWh is more than enough to take care of my needs. I'd be less happy (about $11K less happy) if I had to upgrade, but I'd still be happy. And as far as the upgradability factor, I did luck out. But, I'm hoping that one day (maybe sooner than later) everyone will have the opportunity to change to the battery that best suits them whenever they need.

machmike | July 22, 2013


If it makes you feel better look at it this way:

- If you "switch" from 40kwh to the 60kwh - you still didn't pay licensing for the cost of a 60. Your paying for a 40kwh in perpetuity- This is a Net win for every year you buy plates vs. someone who bought a 60kwh straight up.

Are they charging tax on the 11k upgrade?
-if not, that is another net win for over all for sales tax on your purchase as well.

Your saving on roughly 20k worth of taxable value and licensing fees.


Longhorn92 | July 23, 2013

So, if I'm counting correctly, I think I'm #9 (pvetesla #6, larryh #7, eAdopter #8). Chicago area.

Longhorn92 | July 23, 2013

@tommers: "I don't think they'll ever really take on "rare" status since they don't have anything else that makes them particularly distinctive from a 60."

Tongue in cheek, but we do have a unique VIN since Tesla used the 40 kWh VIN designaton (8th digit is a C instead of a G). So, if we eventually upgrade to use the entire 60 kWh of battery, our VINs will actually be incorrect. Rare, unique and crazy.

My guess is that there were only 400-600 "40" kWh cars made (even more unique than a sig).

david.cheney | July 23, 2013

uniquely high value/$ :)

Byong | July 24, 2013

#10 (if Longhorn92's counting is right :))

Agree that I think we got the best value of the Tesla owners out there. It's great when you go see a group of Tesla owners and get a "wow" even from them.

Would be great to "rent" a 60Kwh pack & supercharger access to do road trips though.. that would be just icing on the cake..

Brian H | July 24, 2013

I wonder, if you drive the 40 into the ground for a decade or two, then activate the 60 kWh option, what do you have?

Dwdnjck@ca | July 24, 2013

40 works fine in San Diego. Easy round trips to the border or to Disneyland from Carlsbad.

Byong | July 24, 2013

@Brian. I would assume that if you've had 2 decades to drivt it into the ground, then you would probably would have used up any buffer we have from teh 60kwh battery..

More interesting would be the what does the 60kwh upgrade really buy you after maybe 5 years... do you get the equiv of a near new 60kwh battery, or a 5 year old degraded 60kwh battery...

akikiki | July 24, 2013


Come over to TMC and look under Hawaii. We have threads for MS owners. We have a meet planned for 7/28 at Kakaako waterfront park between 11 and 12/noon. Come join us.

TomasT | July 24, 2013

Love my 40, too! Reserved mine more than 3 years ago! Range is perfect for me, I drive around 45 miles a day. I haven't even felt the need for installing a 240v (yet). 110v every night keeps my battery full.

Love that I paid $10k less and can still upgrade later. Plus, we have a faster car too, because we got the 60kw battery's higher power.

pvetesla | July 24, 2013

I got a 220 installed. Cost me around $250.00

I like this option because I don't need to charge but for once or twice a week and can take advantage of the late night electricity rates (midnight - 6am)

I was trying to survive with just the 110 but anytime I took a long trip it would take to long to fully charge and I was left constantly charging.

TomasT | July 24, 2013

@ pvetesla That's a good point and probably the best reason why I should get the 240v installed.

I guess a good question would be: How many 40s owners have upgraded to 60kw because they realized 40kw wasn't enough?

Brian H | July 24, 2013

The extra 20kWh isn't a "buffer". The cells are unused, I believe.

Mark K | July 24, 2013

Brian - the 40 limits charging to 72% of the 60 kWh pack, so all cells get used.

My wife totally loves her 40. She tops it off during the day with an HWPC, so it's always full.

Brian H | July 25, 2013

Yeah, that makes sense. Max range charging routinely should be a snap in those models.

BarryQ | July 25, 2013

Actually you can't even select max range. Well, you can, but it reverts back to standard charge in about 10 seconds.

david.cheney | July 25, 2013

Makes me wonder what effect the 40 limit on the 60 will have on battery life...

HenryT2 | July 25, 2013

Round trip from my new house in Carlsbad to Disneyland is 141 miles. I'm not sure that's possible even at 55mph. And if it were, I'd be driving into my garage on fumes (or whatever the electric equivalent is). Of course, there will be the supercharger in San Clemente which would have been great, but can't use that. And Disneyland doesn't have electric chargers. Even a 110V plug would be fine. I read somewhere that there are a couple of outlets "you can use" in a garage somewhere, but I'm not sure I'd want to drive up there with my family and have to count on that.