Difference between old and new leather options?

Difference between old and new leather options?

I've confirmed my order last week with the old options including Interior Leather on an S85 and with the new leather options they've announced I'm wondering if anyone knows what the difference is? Was the older option a combination of the 2 new options or something else?

When I placed the order I was under the assumption that the Interior Leather option was pretty much the same as the P85 leather package without the Alcantara Headliner.

ian | August 3, 2013

The way I understand it, yes, it was a combination of a couple of the packages. The difference is that the new leather option is just the seats. If you want leather on the dash and door inserts, that's extra (extended napa leather trim - $2500). If you want the the alcantera headliner, that's extra ($1500). If you want the alcantera on the seats, yup, that's extra too (the performance seats - $1000).


ian | August 4, 2013

Correction. The extended napa leather trim package is completely new. The dash and door panels currently are a high quality synthetic leather.