Dirt Road approved?

Dirt Road approved?

There are parks that allow vehicles to drive around on their unpaved dirt roads.

I arrived to Rainbow Basin Natural Area, Fossil Bed Road, Barstow, CA 92311 near Barstow Supercharger.

Look at the picture below. The dirt road looks very nice and smooth, not full of pot holes or uneven patches at all!

However, I found its dirt road was too rough for my Model S so I didn't continue.

Is there any word that Model X can be an off road vehicle or at least just on nice, uncomplicated unpaved roads?

Would you think Model X can survive a trip on sand and mud roads at California Mojave
National Preserve?

Red Sage ca us | May 25, 2014

As long as they are actual roads, the Tesla Model X should be fine. Asphalt, concrete, rubber, glass, cobblestones, brick, pebbles, gravel, dirt, clay, sand, mud... All should be fine, as long as they are actual compacted, graded, official road surfaces.

If it is just a well traveled path that is essentially off-road? No. The Model X will be a crossover, not an SUV. It's not meant for use on whoop-de-doos.

Solarwind | May 25, 2014

I hope so as that is one of reasons I have a MX reservation. It is a 20 mile dirt road ride each time we go to town. I see no reason it should not be able to go any place my F150 4x4 can , with 4wd and clearance adjustment. At present we have a Chevy Volt with 40K miles of which about 1/3 has been dirt, and the only complaint has be suspension noise. Ironically most noticeable in town at slow speed.
There has been only 3 or 4 days in the last two years we found it necessary to take the F150 due to road /weather conditions.

Miggy | May 26, 2014

Any 4WD EV should be able to handle any dirt road, check this out:

Brian H | May 26, 2014

" Completing such a tough rally with no problem whatesoever confirmed the durability as well as the dynamic performance of Outlander PHEV just a few months before it starts its commercial career in world markets.
Mitsubishi will launch Outlander PHEV sequentially, starting with selected PHEV markets (The Netherlands, Nordic countries, etc,…) from October 2013 onwards.
The other European markets will gradually follow from November 2013 to Q1 2014."

Any news?

Brian H | May 26, 2014

Only 2000 Outlander batteries were being produced per month at the [US] plant since it was also in charge of making batteries for the i-Miev, but Mitsubishi set up a line dedicated to the Outlander PHEV at a separate plant, increasing capacity to 4000 batteries a month.
This move will help Mitsubishi achieve its huge sales push for other markets. The Outlander PHEV is currently on sale in Japan and Europe, and the automaker plans on expanding to Australia, New Zealand, and Russia. Mitsubishi expects to sell 48,000 global units in the current fiscal year, representing a major jump from the 19,700 it sold in the previous fiscal year. When it comes time for the U.S. launch, though, the automaker will have to increase battery production yet again since it hopes to sell 63,000 global units by March 2016.

Brian H | May 26, 2014
Brian H | May 26, 2014

From its Japlish press release:

the first of it’s [its] kind to be driven either as internal 2.0 liter combustible gas engine or a high capacity 12 kWh lithium-ion drive battery vehicle that can be driven up to 30 miles a single full charge. Current MSRP starting at $22,995 but provides a list a hybrid technology that will make up for the cost.

Miggy | May 29, 2014

Links to news on this thread:
"Outlander Hybrid does the business for Mitsubishi" - NZ Herald - May 8 2014

"PHEV sparks instant power switch" - NZ Yahoo! - May 6 2014

"Quiet but powerful SUV ticks all the boxes" - Rural News - May 5 2014

"Dealer trades Hummer for Outlander Plug-in Hybrid" - Autotalk - May 5 2014

"Spellbinding SUV" - Bay Driver - April 24 2014

"Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV -Road test" - Video review via Company Vehicle - April 9 2014

Iowa92x | May 29, 2014

Yes, a bicycle could handle the simple dirt road in OP's post.

holidayday | May 30, 2014

TAM " I found its dirt road was too rough for my Model S"

Does that mean too many pot-holes, or too many large rocks? I've driven a small Saturn on many dirt roads, and as long as you manage your speed, it's no problem at all.

I would think the Model S could handle extremely rough roads due to it's strength and design. The only other things that may affect off-road performance would be the 21 inch rims and low profile tires.

Brian H | May 30, 2014

Your links aren't. You must use HTML here.

Miggy | June 2, 2014

Sorry guys, try this link, the Outlander is cheaper than the Nissan Leaf in New Zealand