Disappointed in Windshield Replacement

Disappointed in Windshield Replacement

I got a crack in my 2016 S windshield and ordered new glass from Tesla. I am now 7 weeks out from having ordered the new windshield. I am extremely disappointed in having to drive my S around with broken glass for this many weeks. Tesla service has no explanation other than "it's hard to get" and "its on order". They still haven't promised a date when they will have the replacement glass. I am at the point where this will affect my decision on whether to buy from Tesla again.

On a side note, I was told by Tesla to not use after-market glass because it might affect the autopilot calibration, etc. Glass will be $1,200. I don't think that includes installation.

Anyone else have these problems?

reed_lewis | December 6, 2018

I have had two replacements on my late 2016 (autopilot hardware 2) Model S windshield. The first took about 5 days. The second was more like 6 weeks. So I guess they are taking a while to get glass.

Luckily in Massachusetts, our glass is typically covered as a separate item with $0 deductible so it does not cost me anything.

I may pay a lot for insurance, it it does cover a lot!

thranx | December 6, 2018

I drove my July 2013 build without incurring any significant chips, much less cracks. My July 2016 windshield has already been replaced once and continues to pick up pinpoint chips, etc. Same speeds, same roads driven.

Anyone know if Tesla changed glass suppliers or formulations in the past several years?

Dramsey | December 6, 2018

I had to replace my late 2016 Mod S windshield last summer; it only took 2 days. Tesla sent a flatbed truck out from the Gigafactory, picked up my car, and returned it the next day. About $1200 IIRC.

The only problem was an extra charge for a "rain sensor"; I called and pointed out that my AP2 car didn't have a separate rain sensor, and they removed the charge.

jordanrichard | December 6, 2018

I too had to wait for new glass on my pre-AP S85. I believe I waited 3 weeks. Granted it was a tad embarasssing, at least in my head, driving around with a crack in the glass, but I wasn’t about to take it to Safelite. The crack was from a stone and it only cracked the outer layer of glass, so I wasn’t concerned about the glass failing.

It was about $1,200 and my insurance covered it. In CT like MA, we have no deductible for glass coverage.

jlhm | December 6, 2018

It took almost 3 months to get the windshield for my 2016 AP1 car. I needed to escalate it and first then Tesla started to look for a warehouse/SC that could ship it to my SC.
Total cost was just over $1200 including the installation.

MilesMD88 | December 6, 2018

Same, around $1200 last yr. billed to Geico. Deductible was $200. Installed at Tesla SC 3 weeks after I called, think it was mostly a scheduling issue.

rweggert | December 7, 2018

Four months for me - and still waiting. I purchased new in August and the windshield had several chips. They gave me an "I Owe You" and keep telling me "It's on order"....