Distortion on windshield

Distortion on windshield

I have this distortion on the lower edge on the passengers side. Did somebody gets the windshield replaced because of it or do I have to wait until it cracks? | February 24, 2013

This is extensively discussed in other threads

peahl | February 24, 2013

I did read these, but I found answers from it bothers to it does not bother, but no answer to my question.

Pungoteague_Dave | February 24, 2013

The distortion is normal per TM. No worries unless you get a crack.

jat | February 24, 2013

I don't believe there is any point in replacing it from distortion, because it is the nature of the design of how it is shaped at the edges (presumably for aerodynamic reasons). That said, I haven't heard anyone say it is different along one edge -- are you saying you don't have distortion at the lower edge on the driver's side?

jjaeger | February 24, 2013

Ask you passenger their view wrt the distortion on the drivers side - seems to be easier to see the effect from a side angle. As others have stated - as-designed. | February 24, 2013

It does not bother me & is minimal. Some have commented that replacements have equivalent distortion at the margins.

It appears that the probability of your windshield developing a crack is low (based on this forum's discussions).

You may want to discuss this with Tesla directly if it's an issue for you.

bradslee | February 24, 2013

The minor distortion on both windshields (front and rear) is the result of MS design and does not bother me at all. Since I have had my MS, I have not had the windshield crack issue. I agree with KevinR that if the distortion has become an issue, you should discuss it with TM directly.

peahl | February 24, 2013

It is only on the passengers side, it does not bother me much because I am toll and I am looking straight ahead, but my wife is bothered very much, she has it always in their view and get a headache from it. I will talk to Chip at the service center

lolachampcar | February 24, 2013

I was RainX'n my windshield the other day and noticed it curved back towards the roof line about four inched down from the top. I then looked up traveling under a road sign and noticed the sign "bent" just like the center line "bends" at the bottom of the windscreen.

The top bend is definitely there to keep flow attached when transitioning from the windscreen to the roof line. I suspect the compound bend at the bottom of the screen that is driving a similar distortion is likewise an effort to control flow. Heck, once you have put on non-standard bend into the glass you might as well do two.

That's my guess.

Brian H | February 24, 2013

Can you place any kind of shield there, to block it from her vision?

peahl | February 25, 2013

@ Brian H
I will try to get her seat as high as possible, that she sees it only if she looks down like I do. But because of the excellent seats that have this wall on the sides (feels like in my sports car) she has problems to exit the car because she has muscle problems in her thighs and it hurts her.
She has her own car, but on the weekends she 100% wants to ride in the Tesla.
If there is no fix we just have to compromise and live with it.
BTW it is a very good living with the Model S 85.
And Thank You Brian for your concerns.