Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

Do your dogs ride in your Tesla?

I know and saw at least two Tesla owners who let their dogs ride in their new model S. I have not let mine in the car yet but probably will soon. Just wondering what you are doing to keep the car as nice and hair free when you do let your dogs in? or you will not let fido in your new car?

teslamonterey | July 19, 2015

Sure let them ride. Right after they take a dump. I have never seen a dog wipe his ass. They sit on your carpet and wiggle till it feels just right. The leather seats will enjoy this. Car will retain that nice new smell for a week.

nick-r | July 19, 2015

And what a great way to condition the leather to keep it looking like new.

I have always let my (very large and hairy) dogs ride in my car. My wife on the other hand is very messy. :)

hcwhy | July 19, 2015

Who'd want a car that you can't take your dog in?

Laryrob | July 19, 2015

we have 2 yorkies-the space in the console is just perfect for one who loves to curl up there. The other one sits on my wife's lap and sleeps; I rarely notice the dogs are in the car. Obviously no "hair" problem as Yorkies don't shed and have hair and not fur!

teslamonterey | July 19, 2015

You missed the point. You can take your dog in any car made. How About this. Take a nice big dump, don't wipe your fanny, don't put underwear or pants on ang go get in your Tesla and take a nice long drive. Also, your dog licks his balls, drinks from the toilet and eats the neighbors dog shit and then licks your face.

Bighorn | July 19, 2015

Methinks we've outed a cat person.

TwinMaTesla | July 19, 2015

Our very sheddy dog is a major reason we decided to hold onto our Leaf (small parking lots and kids approaching driving age are the other primary reasons). That said, we use a dog blanket even in our Leaf.

SCCRENDO | July 19, 2015

I regularly take my golden retriever and my daughter's 2 golden doodles in the trunk. Bought the rubberized mats for the trunk. Easy to hose down.

TwinMaTesla | July 19, 2015

Incidentally, for the finicky amongst us, and those with dogs with allergies, our vet recommends the following wipes (which we use on our allergy-prone pup's paws, pits and rear after every walk): Maybe even Big would consider keeping a dog now. ;-)

rxlawdude | July 19, 2015

My bet: Big isn't a veterinarian. :-)

Cloudbase | July 19, 2015

I got the trunk liner and my Aussie goes in the back on some nice blankets and seems fine. On long road trips I put the seats down and cover them so he can see me and get the a/c on his face. No way he is allowed in the front.

I have left him in the car with the a/c on (and in the shade) and I closely monitor the temperature from the phone app. He is nice and cool that way but I worry someone else might come along and not know he is in luxury ac. Anyone else doing this?

teslamonterey | July 19, 2015

I absolutely love dogs, do not care a bit for cats. Just have a problem when they come in after doing their business and sit their ass on my Persian rugs. Same with my car.

teslamonterey | July 19, 2015

Also I am having trunk liners custom made for my house.

NOT AN ICE | July 19, 2015

Siberian Huskey, in the back every weekend, hair every where - so what its a car

aaronw2 | July 19, 2015

My australian cattle dog frequently rides in a dog carrier in the trunk. Since it's my only vehicle at this point he gets to ride in it. I've carried worse, like when I hauled a new dishwasher in the trunk and when I took it camping.

Gasnot | July 22, 2015

2 golden retrievers in my back seat leaving hair balls floating around the car and smudge marks from their noses on the rear passenger windows. Wouldn't have it any other way. Let's not forget that its only a car. I'd get rid of my wonderful tesla before getting rid of either Maggie or Brady.

CNSMS | July 22, 2015

Our miniature poodle loves to curl up on the grey leather passenger seat and go to sleep when he is in the car. I would no sooner think of banning my little boy then I would my loving spouse.

TeslaTwo | July 22, 2015

My Labradoodle rides in the Millenium a Falcon everyday. His name is Chewbacca!

ChrisH314 | July 22, 2015

Well, of course it rides. I'm sure not going to let it drive, it's too easily distracted.

davidahn | July 23, 2015

@Big, you sound like I did 6 years ago before I got my wife a Maltese. Our 4 lb Maltese goes everywhere with us. When we first got her I wiped her bottom and paws every time she came in from doing her business, but eventually I realized there was nothing to wipe except the rare times the wind blows her tail plumage (really what it looks like!) in the path of the poop.

Our non-shedding, non-smelly 4 lb dog will definitely have the run of our 85D when it arrives. She already rides in our 2014 Mercedes GL and sleeps in our beds, so I see no reason to treat her any differently with the MS or any future vehicle!

TomServo | July 23, 2015

We have a Siberian Husky, who we take everywhere in our Volt (rear seat with a full seat and door protectors, but whennI get my Tesla I think the rear being so big, power lift gate and low bumper height the rear area is a nature. But how comfortable is it in the summer in the sun under that huge hunk of glass w/o HVAC vents?

Paul M | November 25, 2015

Waiting patiently for my new 90D to arrive. Before I placed the order, I made sure my 100 pound very large Golden Retriever could fit in the boot with a dog bed and bumper flap. Just OK for short rides. For long rides, he will travel on the back seat. I have a Quilted Microfibre Hammock Seat Protector from Orvis.

Absolutely fabulous. On previous trips in another car, I have travelled over a 1000 miles with our dog and NOT touched the back seat until we arrived at our destination. When we carefully unhooked the hammock, folded it inwards and took it out the car to shake, there wasn't a bit of dirt in the car!!

Orvis have a number of great seat covers that do protect the seats very well and are very comfortable for the dog.

jojim | November 25, 2015

Just bought a large, black dog bed for Grizzly Bear to ride in the back with the seats down. I thought about removing the frunk cover, installing some tie-downs, and letting him ride in the frunk, sort of like a doggie hood ornament, but it's probably illegal. :>)

Bighorn | November 25, 2015

Macy, our 97 lb Weimie/Dobie mix, just took an 866 mile overnight--her first real excursion. No complaints from her though she stayed awake except at the supercharger breaks.

gallau | November 26, 2015

We bought a seat cover made to haul dogs around in. It has a flap in the middle to run a dog seat belt through. The seat belt keeps the dog away from the door panels so he doesn't scratch them, etc. We have a Beagle which does shed but I am vigilant about getting all the hair vacuumed up(and I mean all of it) whenever I clean the interior(which is often). We sometimes haul my son's Doodle around which has hair not fur so it is not an issue. I you have a drooler then you are screwed. Most of the time though we try to haul the dogs around in our beater which is an older ICE car.

RichieTheC | November 26, 2015

As much as I love my dog, it's never gonna happen in my S. For 10 years I had an Audi A6, and the only time Fido rode in it was in his kennel! Anyway, isn't that what the wife's car is for? ;)

PhillyGal | November 26, 2015

Or ~60 lb pitt mix rode quite happily in the trunk today, as always. She either lays down or sits up facing forward, resting her chin on the back of the rear seat in between head rests.

We got a cargo cover from Amazon (I may have spoken about it on this thread before) and it keeps her tan hair out of our black interior. There are two corners that aren't covered 100% by this cover so we just stuff two old sheets there. No problems at all.

SCCRENDO | November 26, 2015

Bought the Tesla trunk mats. My golden retriever always rides with us. Have had my golden plus my daughter's 2 golden doodles in the trunk at the same time. Much safer for the car than kids spilling soda all away the car.

SeattleSid | November 27, 2015

Since the AP upgrade, my dogs DRIVE my model S.

(Full disclosure: I don't have dogs, and I don't have AP.)

1BadNerd | November 27, 2015

We have the Tesla (by Weathertech) mat in the back. We put our dog's bed back there, but she was more comfortable sleeping near her human sister. (The human didn't want to be seen sleeping, hence the blur).

Tâm | December 24, 2015

Season's greetings

from a Maltese looking out of a Model S' window wishing some Vietnamese noodle Phở

ragnar | March 4, 2016

I have 8 dogs and at times they come along int the car. I noted that some of the dogs HATE my car. They are either screaming or panting. Up until 20-30 km/h is fine. Those dogs do fine in my wifes Volkswagen. Can it be a noice from the car that humans don't hear?
Any one with similar problems?

UnshodBob | March 4, 2016

@ragnar - I like Vikings! (The tv show anyway)

I can hear a high-pitched whine from my front motor at lower speeds. I would not be surprised if the dogs hear a LOT more than that, and as you speed up the pitch probably goes up, too. I expect both rear-wheel and all-wheel drives can produce dog-whistle sounds at different speeds. I bet ICE vehicles make similar sounds, but at a lower pitch, due to the transmission allowing the engine to run in a limited range of rpms. It seems our motors run about 6000 rpm at about 50 mph. ICE cars run about 2000-5000 rpm for the same speed. It is possible that the inverters could produce higher frequency sounds or any of the Tesla sounds have harmonic frequencies at double or triple the motor/inverter frequency that the dogs are reacting to. Interesting thought that dogs might be uncomfortable riding in a Tesla.

hcwhy | March 4, 2016

It's usually a struggle to get my dog in the Tesla, but not in the Toyota. I always thought it was because the regen throws him off balance, and if I goose it...which it's hard not to throws him off too. It would help if the floor was flat.

hcwhy | March 4, 2016

Being able to manage the HVAC from the phone (be sure to have it in neutral with the parking brake on) is one of my favorite perks with the Tesla. It's very pet friendly.

buchholtz3 | March 4, 2016

Oh hell no,

tes-s | March 4, 2016

I've had mine 2.5 years and 63k miles. Just starting to think about letting the kids ride in it. Dogs? Maybe when it is no longer new.

hcwhy | March 4, 2016

My dog went with me to pick up my Tesla two years and 45,000 miles ago. He's been in the car for most of those miles.

ragnar | March 4, 2016

It is mostly the yunger dogs. We went from Sweden to Milano last summer, 5000 km and the yungest sat up panting the whole way :-(

barrykmd | March 5, 2016
William9 | March 5, 2016

My labradoodle, Razz, has agreed to allow me to drive him around in the MS. He OWNS the back of the car! And just tried out the MX and approves.

Tâm | March 12, 2016


I didn't expect that answer!

I had a good laugh, thanks!