Does anybody know all the options for Tesla3?

Does anybody know all the options for Tesla3?

I was wondering if somebody has any knowledge from all possible options/features to add for the Tesla 3?

KP in NPT | November 7, 2016

No we don't know yet. Not until the final reveal. Probably not definite on cost until configuration opens. Neither are likely this year.

zakeeus | November 7, 2016

Only a few options are confirmed. Glass roof, dual motors, ludicrous mode. The main problem is we don't even know what the base features are. Heated front seats are included on the model S, they probably will be on the Model 3, but nobody knows for sure.

A2be | November 7, 2016

Yes, absolutely.

Any option that Tesla has made public, and for which there is a published source, will definitely be in the list of options in the article on Wikipedia called "Tesla Model 3" That is at the website en dot wikipedia dot org. (some spam filter Tesla has in here is preventing me from leaving the direct link; which is kind of lame).

Various editors over there at Wikipedia seem to keep the Model 3 article quite consistently up to date with all published info. If it hasn't been published, it would just be speculation, so isn't worth repeating.



andy.connor.e | November 8, 2016

Some options are assumed for all their cars. But for the most part, its all speculation from this point on. Tesla could offer something none of us saw coming. Or they could hold back on options for the sake of simplicity. We dont know. Will not be until next year that we know what we are getting.

jordanrichard | November 8, 2016

Well, Tesla knows or presumably knows the answer, but obviously isn't making that public yet. I did notice in the pictures from that employess appreciation party that Tesla did as I and suspected and that is they tinted the roof, with a fade to clear glass, just above the rear passenger's head rests. Essentially reverse of MX windshield. In the first reveal, the entire rood was clear and many people were crying about getting burned by the sun with such a roof.

andy.connor.e | November 8, 2016

Tesla windows on their cars block UV radiation. You wont get sunburn if there is no UV radiation. It will only get hot in temperature.

EaglesPDX | November 9, 2016

@arranda.antonio7 "I was wondering if somebody has any knowledge from all possible options/features to add for the Tesla 3?"

You can look at the current TS60 for options and pricing.

Some options that Musk says will be added to the T3 that you don't see on the TS60 are:

1. Tow package which is $750 on the TX
2. Solar roof ball parked at $5,000

jordanrichard | November 9, 2016

arranda.antonio7, no you can't use the current S60 for options and pricing because there is nothing from Tesla saying the same options available and their associated prices will be available on the M≡.

Solar roof at $5K, really!!? What are you using as a basis for that?

EaglesPDX | November 9, 2016

@jordanrichard "Solar roof at $5K, really!!? What are you using as a basis for that?"

Cost per square foot for solar PV safety class and and approximate usable roof area of 100 sq. feet | November 11, 2016

Don't count on a silly solar roof. Elon was joking that it might be possible if deployable. The $5K cost was the planned cost on the Fisker Karma, but later added into the base price. Tesla has never stated a solar roof would be available on any vehicle they make. Plenty of threads explain why solar vehicle roof makes no economic or range sense even though someone at least once a week suggests it would greatly extend range (Surprise: it's unclear if it would add any range).

Tiebreaker | November 12, 2016

EaglesPDX does know everything. Got a direct connection to Tesla's inner circle and Elon's brain. He would just not share the link, no matter how many times we ask.