Does the Model 3 actually have a battery warmer?

Does the Model 3 actually have a battery warmer?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Tesla Model 3 does not actually have a battery warmer, unlike the Models S and X. Tech support was silent when I asked. On the S & X, the Climate mode of the app shows a battery warming icon along with the heater and seat warmers, but I've never seen that on my Model 3 app.

So if there IS a battery warmer circuit in a Model 3 how do you turn it on, and if there ISN'T then does just warming the interior somehow transfer warmth over to the battery?

Bighorn | February 14, 2019

No. Not a secret.
The motor generates heat for the battery through a shared coolant loop.

gmr6415 | February 15, 2019

It doesn't have a designated stand alone warmer, but according to Electric it can send a small amount of current from the inverter to the motor while parked to create minimal heat, heating up the coolant and then circulating the coolant through the battery.

"For example, it got rid of the external battery pack heater and instead, it heats the pack only using heat provided by the powertrain even when the car is parked.

Battery cells need to operate at a temperate core temperature in order to keep their optimal performance, which means that they need to be cooled in warm conditions and heated in cold weather.

Waste heat from the powertrain can be used when the car is moving, but Tesla designed a thermal controller for Model 3 that can also use heat from the powertrain even when the vehicle is parked, like at a Supercharger for example, which is important since the charge rate drops if the battery pack is too cold.

Even when parked, Tesla’s software can send a request to the powertrain inverter to start powering up and pass the appropriate currents to the motor in order to produce enough heat to warm the cells – all while not producing any torque so the Model 3 doesn’t move."

gmr6415 | February 15, 2019

Should be "according to Electrek"

I hate autocorrect.

derotam | February 15, 2019

You are correct that the Model 3 does not have a battery warmer like the S and X. It does however have a system designed to cool and warm the battery. When the system actually will heat the battery seems to be not well known.

So far I think the only thing people have found out is that it will warm the battery if needed before charging. I haven't heard of anyone being able to articulate any warming while unplugged and parked.