Does Model 3 come with a USB and iphone charging cord in the center console ?

Does Model 3 come with a USB and iphone charging cord in the center console ?

I just got my model 3 yesterday. I saw on some videos that it came wiht a cord or two, and they had funny L shaped inputs and cord that fits under the rubber mat in front center console.

Did you guys get one or two ? Mine has none.


kensyo | December 11, 2018

I got one lightning and one usb-c cables. They were in a plastic bag either in the glove box or in the storage under cup holder.

Mediumed | December 11, 2018

Mine were installed already, One for Iphone and one for android. I have since removed them and installed the Nomad wireless charging pad. Man I love just placing my phone down and it just starts charging. Anyway look around like @kensyo suggests they are probably there somewhwere. Good luck with your new Model 3!

Infiniti Pi | December 11, 2018

Easy to install. Just follow directions included.

jithesh | December 11, 2018

Yes. One micro usb and one lightening cable. But no iPhone :-(

ddshal | December 11, 2018

How do we get our free 6 months of Supercharging?? Just purchased Model 3 less than 2 weeks ago.

jimglas | December 11, 2018

they traded out my USB-C cord for a second Lightning cable at delivery. You can but a second cable of your choice on the website.

M3BlueGeorgia | December 11, 2018

On delivery, we had them replace the iPhone cable with a second USB-C because we both use Android.

Now we've both upgraded to Pixel 3XL, we are going to replace that with a charging mat.

donharvey2323 | December 11, 2018

@ddshal Use a referral code like mine

CharleyBC | December 11, 2018

@harryphlin: If you don’t find them (you should have two in a little plastic bag, as others described), I’d call your delivery center. They’re supposed to be there.

jvcesare | December 11, 2018

@jitheshm Lightning IS an iPhone cable.

kensyo | December 11, 2018

I didn't know that I can swap the cable of my choice!

Arktctr | December 11, 2018

I want to switch to dual lightning cable too (even though I have a wireless pad on order) so will try during my scheduled delivery this afternoon. If it doesn't work its all good but my wife and I are always wanting to use the cable at the same time.

jithesh | December 11, 2018

@jvcesare sorry my comment got mixed up.. i was just saying it came with the cable but no iPhone. bad joke I guess. LOL

terryeyland | June 18, 2019

I did not get either cable. Has Tesla changed their policy on including cables? This would suck as the standard lightning adapter does not fit well in that section.

ravichandra363 | June 19, 2019

I received car today and did not get cables. I am not sure whether Tesla changed policy on this.

r1200gs4ok | June 19, 2019

i got my car on cables....they said they don’t come with them anymore....however, in the 2019 i test drove, it had 2 cables......Big Time BS....

bradbomb | June 19, 2019

Did you order SR+ or the LR?

akdavey | July 14, 2019

No cables here, either.
June SR.
Really tough finding ones that work on Amazon, too!

calvin940 | July 14, 2019

"big Time BS...."

Because you didn't get 2 x $5 cables? Really? Hyperbole much?

raqball | July 14, 2019

Yeah I don't get the outrage over the cables not being there.. Mine didn't come with them either but they are like $14 on Tesla shop and I got them in 2 days with free shipping....

us | July 14, 2019

We picked up our Model 3 AWD LR in August 2018. The delivery specialist came in with the little plastic wrapped cables and installed them for us. That said we are replacing them soon with the Jeda wireless charging pad. . I will say the attachment was not well thought out in the original. If you have even a minimal case on your phone it does not line up with the original plugs. We ended you just pulling the cables out a bit so we could plug in our phones when still in the case. ANY cable including the one that comes with your phone would be better than what came with it. Tesla now sells a wireless pad too. We went Jeda as it gives the option for an old direct connect cased phone as well as wireless. Hope this helps.

tesla | September 1, 2019

How long are the tesla lightning cables?
or what is the shortest length cable that would fit the model 3?

kelder | September 1, 2019

@tesla: 0" - no cables are included

kelder | September 1, 2019

As for length, it depends on what you want to do. My suggestion is to start with a standard 3' cable (there is plenty of room to stash any excess) and then after you've had the car for a while, see what fits your needs.

Tyerc | September 1, 2019

Picked up my car in mid June 2019, no cables provided, I didn’t expect any.

Tzlazrgr8 | September 21, 2019

Picked up Model 3 LR. No cables. Is the wireless pad easy to install (not too tech savvy) or do I need to go to the service center that’s more than 1 hour away?

MAB1980 | September 21, 2019

These are long enough to route through the lid of the compartment.

dmanincali | September 21, 2019

The mats are really easy to install. Just pop out the existing mat and plug the cables into the USB ports in the center consoles.

ronnie.garcia | October 9, 2019

Picked up my LR today and asked the delivery specialist about the phone cables. She said they no longer come with them. Not sure why, if they're only $14 a set, why not just throw them in. Soon you're gonna have to buy key cards separately.

calvin940 | October 9, 2019

"if they're only $14 a set, why not just throw them in"
Because for every 100,000 cars, that would be $1.4 million, that's why. They should really just charge bury a $25 charge for the cables in the price of the car and give them back due to all the complaints. I really can't believe this thread.

rob | October 10, 2019

@calvin940 Yea, I only used the lightning cable. The other just went into my desk drawer, wasted.
I think it was a good idea to drop the 14-50 adapter as well. The 5-15, J1772, and Tesla chargers cover needs of most drivers.

Tesla does need to think about profit.

paulsurette71 | October 10, 2019

I received my M3 SR+ on Sept 28th, and did not receive any cables. I will check again, but like others have posted I will be installing a Jeda wireless pad.