Does a service plan help if you run out of fuel?

Does a service plan help if you run out of fuel?

If you miscalculate your range, or if an anticipated charger en-route is not available, and you are stranded with no battery power, does the road side assistance included with the service plans come to the rescue?

How far would they flatbed an MS to re-charge?

docdac | December 22, 2013

And a related question: will AAA flatbed you to a charging station if you have the gold plan (with up to 100 miles of towing upon 'breakdown'?

Roamer@AZ USA | December 22, 2013

Not sure this is a good idea but it evidently worked on a Leaf.

The Good Samaritan that gave the tow paid for the charge.

Roamer@AZ USA | December 22, 2013

Or there is this service.

Captain_Zap | December 22, 2013

Locally, AAA advertises that they have a mobile emergency EV charging service. I called to find out if it was compatible with the Model S. The operator didn't have a clue. That was several months ago though.

Bighorn | December 22, 2013
Roamer@AZ USA | December 22, 2013

Wonder if someday we will have a DC to DC jumper cable capability. Connect two Tesla's and balance the batteries between the two cars.

If Nissan can connect the car DC to a home power supply for emergency power and tesla can handle massive amounts of direct DC at superstations it seems feasible that a DC to DC jumper emergency charge system would be possible and a lot cheaper than a tow. Just send out a fully charged loaner car and share the DC between the battery packs.

Activate a charge help feature on GPS and put a car in need of DC flag on the GPS map on all cars within 25 miles. So many possibilities in this new world of EV.

Notice; I am well aware that all these ideas would likely require engineering and design features not currently installed to function. But a DC to DC direct charge swap or balance is feasible.

Roamer@AZ USA | December 22, 2013


With hundreds of new owners being added every week and no search or organization feature there will always be an echo on the forum. I actually have no problem with the echo. Old topics I would have never searched for pop up and new ideas evolve. Not the most efficient but it does keep the conversation in a constant state of evolution.

It seems to work that new owners ask questions all wide eyed and innocent and the old timers link them to past history. Keeps things vibrant and fresh.

I wonder if this was already posted

Roamer@AZ USA | December 22, 2013

Yes there is But it has to be reposted regularly since it's not built into the forum.

Bighorn | December 22, 2013

Not at all being critical--I just found it funny that the whole tow to charge debate came up back then, too. I'm all for fresh conversations. I rarely, if ever, will dismiss someone with the "just volkerize" line, but that trick is helpful to know about as well.

Brian H | December 23, 2013

Yes, that was the vid I remembered. But Dutch, of course, not Russian.

AmpedRealtor | December 23, 2013

Let's add a crank to the front of the car, that way if your battery dies you can turn the crank and recharge the car. You should have what you need in about 6 months... lol!

Haeze | December 23, 2013

How about a small set of rollers that you can pull another car onto, so when you put the charged car in drive, it will spin he rollers which are hooked to an alternator !

Haeze | December 23, 2013

Seriously though... Do people really that commonly not believe the range indicator when it says how many miles are remaining ? I would think at 20 miles remaining, when you are further than 30 miles from your destination would be enough warning to go find the nearest ev charger or campground to grab a quick 20 miles or so. Is this really an issue ? It isn't like an ICE where remaining range is a huge guessing game.

riceuguy | December 23, 2013

Short answer is that with or without the service plan, the included roadside assistance will tow you to a charge for free, even if the cause is stupidity!

Brian H | December 24, 2013

There's an old Mrs. Grundy story. As she was speeding her Model T down the middle of Main St., she got pulled over. The cop observed it was unlike her to do that, and she said she was low on gas and was hurrying to the station before she ran out!


Slowing gives lotsa range. | December 24, 2013

The roadside assistance is tied to the warranty or extended warranty, not the service plans.