Does Tesla Original Factory Warranty Transfer Over?

Does Tesla Original Factory Warranty Transfer Over?

This is my first forum and I am consider buying a used 2013 Model S which has 400 miles before hit the 50k mileage 4 years mark. Would I able to still take to Tesla for service before the warranty expire?

mdd | February 12, 2017

Yes. If it's under 50K and less than four years since it went into service, the warranty is still valid. It would be a really smart move to get it checked over by Tesla service and have any issues fixed.

mychol | February 12, 2017

Also, if it has an 85KW Battery, there is an 8 year no mile limit warranty on battery and drive unit/units

akikiki | February 12, 2017

And the current owner could pay for (even if you must give him the money) the additional 4 year extended warranty if purchased before ownership is transfer with Tesla. Or not. The second owner can not purchase the extended warranty. It must be purchased before the owner request the ownership be transferred to the new owner.

brando | February 13, 2017

Surely you have checked for a CPO and considered the warranty offered?

rxlawdude | February 13, 2017

@brando, and don't call him Surely!

JAD | February 13, 2017

I bought my Tesla used, from a private party, and recently they added the option to buy "Extended Service Agreements available for purchase" to my Tesla page. Previously you could not buy the extended warranty on a used private sale, but hasn't that changed or am I completely missing something here?

akikiki | February 13, 2017

JAD, wow, if they have recently changed that, its a wonderful option available to you. That's great news. Pleased for you.

rxlawdude | February 13, 2017

@JAD, that sounds like a great policy improvement. There's nothing on the website to suggest a change in policy with respect to ESA (ORIGINAL owner must purchase in advance of subsequent sale, notify Tesla of sale).

So I'm not sure if this is a happy accident or a new policy.

lamrith | February 14, 2017

This is great news. I am in the market for a Tesla and new is out of reach. I test drove one the other day and it had a bad LCD (bubbles) and researching that I found it was a somewhat common issue and expensive to fix. Being able to get the extended warranty if buying form original owner would be great peace of mind.

rxlawdude | February 14, 2017

@Iamrith, why would the current owner not have that fixed under warranty prior to selling it to you?

Dunginhawk | March 29, 2017

Does anyone have the new policy link? Im also looking to see how to transfer ownership from previous owner to a new owner. Looking for specifics on what the previous owner, and myself need to produce to tesla and how.
thank you very much team :)

Dunginhawk | March 29, 2017

After much research it appears as though the new owner needs to produce a registration (title is not always possible due to liens etc) and Drivers license. is that it? Apparently a service center can help with this transition?
thank you