Dog in the back seat = seat belt warning

Dog in the back seat = seat belt warning

I tether my pup in the back seat via a child seat latch. He has just enough room to move around that I am constantly getting alerts that "someone" in the back seat does not have their seat belt on. Is there anyway to tell my car to ignore my 30lb pup?

I realize that I can attach the seat belt buckle, but I feel it is less likely for my pup to get tangled in it, if it stays in its "storage" position.


jimglas | October 23, 2019

buckle the seatbelt behind your dog?

Vawlkus | October 23, 2019

I wonder if the AP stalk pull trick would silence that or not.
With the car in gear, pull the AP stalk four times and see if that silences the alarm.

Bighorn | October 23, 2019

On the 3, I think there is an ignore toggle for child seats on the graphic, IIRC. Can’t speak to whether it’s carried over to the X.

jppoetsol | October 24, 2019

@Vawlkus I didn't know about that trick. I will give it a try.

@Bighorn I was thinking that was only for the front seat, but I will look. Thanks.