Dog Mode?

Dog Mode?

I heard on Tesla Time News with Zac and Jesse that there is going to be a Dog Mode. Can you tell me if it will be in the update that I am waiting for? I have 2018.5 at the moment.

jordanrichard | February 14, 2019

Depends, what update are you waiting for?

BTW, the “Dog Mode” is merely a screen saver with a message telling onlookers that the interior temp is “X”. Though Tesla did come up with a clever way to say it, like “my owners will be back shortly and I am fine, the interior temp is “x” “

billlake2000 | February 14, 2019

Unknown person peeks in window, loud barking noise scares them away. Much like Cujo.

Kahn | February 14, 2019

there already is limited dog mode as mentioned. after parking go to climate b4 exiting.. there is a selection to keep climate on.. same as dog mode will do except it will show current temp/message on screen.

ayresw | February 20, 2019

Dog mode would be better if it allowed you to specify a temperature range, for example 60-75 degrees. Heat comes on at 59, AC comes on at 76. Otherwise neither is on, resulting in less battery drain.