Don't buy a Tesla if.......

Don't buy a Tesla if.......

You want to remain anonymous. Mine was delivered 4 weeks ago and attracts throngs of people.

Tesla should pay advertising fees to all owners. They sure don't need commercial advertising - WE are the best advertisements the Company needs.

God I love this car!!!!

rochec | April 5, 2013

Fuhhh....the wait is going to kill me.

DouglasR | April 5, 2013

you get off on gasoline fumes.

mrspaghetti | April 5, 2013

You work at Google and your co-workers will have access to the car

Sudre_ | April 5, 2013

You want to sit around the house on a nice weekend and watch TV instead of being out driving around the countryside.

Brian H | April 5, 2013

You think zoning out in a car is just endorphine exploitation.

Tomas | April 5, 2013

Throngs of people? Really? Interesting. I live in West LA and In the six months I've had my Model S, I have had only a handful of people notice it. It seems to be the few people who know what Telsa is (and frankly, I'm a bit surprised how few there are) and I get a thumbs up. It's like we are members of a secret click. Those who get it vs those that don't. I like the subtlety of it. Special.

The Model S looks so much like the Jaguar, that I think most people don't notice it. I mean, its a nice looking car, but it doesn't really stand out.

Now, my Roadster, on the other hand, still, affect three years still draws a crowd.

Do I miss the crowds when I'm in the Model S? No way. I appreciate the few, the super cool, who recognize it; Who "get it".

celtrog | April 5, 2013

We should keep brochures in te car...
Saves time and energy

nickjhowe | April 6, 2013

@celtrog - I do!

biggator | April 6, 2013

It definitely draws a crowd. Here in GA, they'll have a huge hit when they release the Tesla pickup truck (joking!).

KRS | April 6, 2013

. . . If you're 71 and can't stay out of Seafood Restaurants.

dirk.saenen | April 6, 2013



Brian H | April 6, 2013

... you may suffer from a mental de-fish-ency.

KRS | April 6, 2013

. . . If you are writer for the NY Times.

Pbfoot | April 6, 2013

...your wife will hate you for parking in the farthest reaches of parking lots, because you fear someone putting a ding in your door.

jillalameda | April 6, 2013

... you live in a city and don't have a garage or driveway. My poor brothers-in-law are lusting after a Model S, but they live in SF and they rarely get the street parking spot in front of their house.

DJung | April 6, 2013

.....if it takes you 20 laps around a parking lot to find an easy to find supercharger while Brodering your car in the process