Don't do a Saturday factory tour

Don't do a Saturday factory tour

Although my rep said that the Tesla Factory "runs 6 days per week" and that a Saturday tour would let me see the full factory in action, I learned the hard wary that that is completely untrue. I got there for my car pickup and Saturday afternoon tour to discover that nearly everything was inactive. The tour guide was surprised that I was led to believe the factory would be in full swing on a Saturday. I could still use my imagination since things were left in place, but seeing the gears in motion would have been much more exciting.

Take delivery on a Monday-Friday folks!

Dcp9142 | August 3, 2013

On the other hand, he Saturday tour is quiet enough that you can hear the guide and ask questions. We got out of the tram and up over the final assembly line, which would not be allowed on weekdays. Still, only a couple robots were moving during the tour, and most of the staff were gone.

fuellss | August 3, 2013

Our tour was on a late sat morning the later part of June. There was plenty of activity in the factor that morning. Looked to be running at 50 percent (guessing). Got a real good feel of the factory. The robots were running and stamping was happening.

shop | August 3, 2013

Weekdays are not only busy but there are far fewer people in the tour groups.