Door Handle Issue

Door Handle Issue

I believe door handles on a Model S are a safety issue and horrible manufacturing defect on the Tesla part. If you get into the accident and first responders can't open the door to pull you out... just use your imagination Tesla, do you really want someone to get hurt because of a microswitch and bad wire placement ? Please issue a replacement program for original wire harness door handles. You can afford to do it now, not when Model 3 rolls out. Please appreciate your loyal customers who just want to get into their Teslas :)

tes-s | October 19, 2017

"only replace a micro switch in door handles that fail."

That does not sound like a "safety recall" to me. So it is not a safety issue then? You don't want them to do a recall, but rather extend the warranty?

Bighorn | October 19, 2017

Switch harness costs $38 and labor is the lion’s share of what would cost Tesla probably $100M to do what you say for likely zero benefit. That’s not what initially failed on my handle, btw. All other cars should have flush door handles when you think about how the old style can get sheared off rendering them inoperable. If you’re fearful of the cost, buy the part and fix it yourself.

Bighorn | October 19, 2017

And you’re wrong about the years affected, it wasn’t just 2012-2013—the wire routing remained the same in Gen 2 and possibly Gen 3 handles.

Rocky_H | October 19, 2017

@gornikmarcin, You're digging yourself a hole here, dude.
Quote: "Someone on the street wants to help get your kids out they scream unlock the door. Guess what handle does not present itself."

1. If the people inside are conscious, they can open a door from inside.
2. If a person outside want to open a door, and that door handle has miraculously failed in that very moment, how about opening up one of the other three doors?!

akikiki | October 19, 2017

gornikmarcin, just because you think the door handle is a safety issue, don't make it so. I'm the one that said I'd send you the $5 to get you past this issue, but I also said, tell me where to send it. Ya didn't.

Haggy | October 19, 2017

When you crash, do the doors automatically unlock? If not, this is pointless.

lilbean | October 19, 2017

+1 Haggy!

Pungoteague_Dave | October 19, 2017

In fairness to OP, there was a silent replacement program on all 2012 and some 2013 MS due to the microswitch issue. As pointed out above, this was not a wiring issue. However, it was a design issue and Tesla dd redesign the door handle. For many of us, the retrofit fix wasn't possible, as the kit hadn't been developed yet. My car had a couple handles replaced in the first six months, then at the annual checkup, all handles were replaced again as part of the standard annual. So those of you who say your 2012/early 2013 cars have never had handle problems may be incorrect (akikiki, tes-s, etc.) - ALL early cars had the design issue - you may have replacement handles and not know about it. If you were paying attention at the time, this was all over the forum, and Tesla generally gave people the choice of proactive advance replacement, or wait until one broke, or full replacement of all handles at the next service. This wasn't particularly expensive for Tesla, as the old handles were initially sent back to Fremont for upgrade, and were then used on other cars. Later Tesla developed an upgrade kit (switch and a wire IIRC) that allowed ranger or service center to do the upgrades.

IF the OP is wrong, and this is the microswitch problem (not a wiring problem), I think OP should be made whole as a customer relations cost (as has occurred with several on this forum). OP does seem somewhat entitled and inflammatory, and his bedside manner might be off-putting in this situation. I have already had several gratis fixes on other issues post-warranty. I did buy the extended warranty and service programs on my first MS, chose to roll the dice on my newest MS, so far so good.

tes-s | October 19, 2017

I think the OP is wrong about it being a safety issue and that there should be a safety recall.

gornikmarcin | October 20, 2017

Thanks for the long explanation, from what I have been reading in the forums you are spot on in regards to the door handle issues and cost. I will inquire with service manager to see if the door handles were ever replaced on my MS.
I promise to work on my bedside manner in dealing with this issue.
I will know next Thursday if it's wiring, micro switch, or something else, will update the results.
Dave appreciate your post, it was very refreshing.
Rocky H
Like I said the other side of the car could be crashed and the only accessible side could be the one with non working handle. I found a video of a Tesla after the accident burning and guess what, doors were wide open. Very impressive for the collision of this magnitude. It's no brainer that non-working handle could I repeat again could be a safety concern depending on the situation. I hope it nevers happens to anybody.

akikiki you can search me on Venmo if you want to donate $5 so badly. LOL

I agree with you that perhaps this should be done quietly for the Tesla sake, we don't want bad press for Tesla. However it should be addressed and Tesla should fix this problem because it could become a safety issue. All it takes is one video of someone unable to open the door to a Tesla MS in an emergency due to non-working handle. Now imagine that, do you still think that the rest of the world will agree with you ?
Yes when you crash in a Tesla and air bags deploy, door automatically open and handles present themselves, making it easier for any witness to assist from the outside.
The issue is people inside (Driver) is/ are not conscious or unable to move, kids in the back seat.

jordanrichard | October 20, 2017

But gornikmarcin, you keep going on about an accident scenario. So let's break this down. Your whole point appears to be that everyone in the car is unconscious and unable to pull on the interior door handles. So this is where the bystanders/first responders come in. Well an accident severe enough to render you/passengers unconscious would set off the airbags which then triggers the handles to pop out. Further though apparently in your scenario, it would be at that exact moment that all 4 handles fail due to this "design flaw". Really......?

My car was made in Mar 2014, I have the solid metal handles and never had an issue of them not presenting. I have had the pressure sensors replaced. Yes, granted even with presented handles, the door could still not open due to the failed sensors, but again you think that all 4 will fail at the same time.

Tropopause | October 20, 2017

Good point, Jordan.

I think OP is grasping at straws here but I'm interested to hear what SvC says about his situation.

akikiki | October 20, 2017

gornikmarcin, hmmm, I don't use Venmo. So no.

Bighorn | October 20, 2017

I somehow doubt the OP is the original owner. What is the VIN? We have plenty of people here who would be able to corroborate whether there was a silent recall of handles. It certainly did not happen on July 2103 builds.

Silver2K | October 20, 2017

We won't know about July 2103 build for a while. Stay tuned

gornikmarcin | October 20, 2017

Ok team, I'm an owner, I'm not some crazy deranged individual.

Jordan, please pay attention:
I don't really enjoy going over the accident scenario so for the last time.
Safety concern related to the door handle issue, my car currently has passenger door handle not presenting due to some failure will know next thursday what is it.

Some people have rear door handles fail to present, therefore in this case the dangerous scenario is:
car get's involved in the accident with one driver two kids in the back seat. Left side is crashed impossible to open the doors on the left side, airbags deployed. Handles try to present themselves. In this scenario only passenger door handle presents because this particular model S had a failure in the rear right handle. Kids are small unable to open the door from the inside. In this scenario I repeat in this scenario by stander will have to try to open the passenger door because there is no handle in the rear door presenting. And pull kids out from the back seat !!! Do you get it how this could be unnecessary danger and complication ?

Do you guys want to meet at Starbucks so I can elaborate further on this and see my car :) ? I repeat this could be and lead to tragedy bc of stupid door handle. I'm tired of trying to make my point, it's really surprising that some people don't see that not working door handle in any door in any car is a potential hazard in case of the accident.

Once again I'm taking my car in next Thursday stay tuned.

SamO | October 20, 2017

Good ole July 2013 builds . . . Grey Deceiver hasn't had any door handle replacements. Or problems.

gornikmarcin | October 20, 2017
Bighorn | October 20, 2017

Are you the original owner? What's the VIN? Most 2013 owners have that either tattooed on their brain or elsewhere on their body.

gornikmarcin | October 20, 2017
gornikmarcin | October 20, 2017

Wow nobody is talking about this Bighorn it's some big conspiracy :)

gornikmarcin | October 20, 2017

Not sharing my vin on the public forum.

tes-s | October 20, 2017

Nice try. No Ford recall for door handles. The recall is for door latches that have resulted in injuries and accident.

Back to handles. No safety issue, no recall, no required replacement program.

If the handles fail at a higher rate or sooner than one should expect, it would be a reasonable customer service gesture for the manufacturer to offer some cost relief when they fail beyond the warranty period.

tes-s | October 20, 2017

My 2013 is vin 16399. No door handle problems.

Silver2K | October 20, 2017

My 12667 had 4 handle failures. I did have 1 original that never failed though.

lilbean | October 20, 2017

What about Haggy's comment?

Bighorn | October 20, 2017

Nice pivot

Rocky_H | October 20, 2017

@gornikmarcin , Quote: "Do you get it how this could be unnecessary danger and complication ? "

Do you get how this is a one in a trillion chance? You are assuming that the moment of a random accident and the moment of a random door handle failure will definitely be the same time. It's ridiculous.

jordanrichard | October 20, 2017

gornikmarcin, nobody is asking for your full VIN, just theclast 5. WMine is 32897. See how easy that is.

jordanrichard | October 20, 2017

Sorry for the typos. In my car charging and using the touch screen "keyboard".

gornikmarcin | October 21, 2017

Rocky H, it;s not one in a trillion. This situation is when the door handle is already not working and you get into an accident. just like a seat belt not working it's not a big deal unless you are in the accident. Get it now ?

Ok my vin is 07578, it's the very first 10,000 MS produced. I'm not complaining about the car it's amazing. (Minus the seats and door handle :)

Silver 2K thanks for sharing I appreciate it.

gornikmarcin | October 21, 2017

jordan, somehow I'm not surprised you are using your tesla browser to type.

NKYTA | October 21, 2017

Quit while you are behind.

gornikmarcin | October 21, 2017

Just to check if I'm not crazy, I spoke to several people without giving them any information what this is about. I asked "do you think not working door handles from the outside in any car is a safety concern in case of the accident" Shock they said yes, they said if they don't work how would people be able to open the door and help you out if you are badly hurt.

J.T. | October 21, 2017

@gornikmarcin And, to add to your safety campaign, did you notice there isn't a door handle on the trunk at all!!! There are people who ride around with their toddlers in rear facing seats so, forget about presenting handles, how about NO HANDLES. How are you going to open the trunk if that $5 micro switch fails?

Also, and I can't believe no one has mentioned this, but there are many pictures showing the cargo space of the rear wheel drive Model S with kids in the frunk. I even remember a picture of our very own PhillyGal sitting pertly in the frunk. Imagine what would happen if someone closed the frunk with someone in there and there was an accident. The first responders might not even know that there is someone in the frunk, so for heaven's sake the frunk cover should be see through, just in case.

How about, instead of spending all the money necessary to fix these design failures Tesla takes some of that money and gives it to you instead? Would that make you happy?

SbMD | October 21, 2017

With the meteor shower this weekend, I am reminded of the Tesla design flaw that there is no meteor-proof plating for the roof. What if I am driving and a meteor hits me while I am driving?

It’s just as likely an event as someone opening a door with a broken door handle, sitting in that seat, and then getting into a car accident where they could not be extracted from the car.

@nkyta + 1

akikiki | October 21, 2017

@nkyta + 1
@ J.T. +1
sbMD +1

lilbean | October 21, 2017

I just had a frightening experience. I turned the wheel while the car was at a standstill. Yikes! I heard the tire rub on the garage floor.

akikiki | October 21, 2017

lilbean, Heavens ! I know your feet don't touch the ground. I had assumed the same of your Tesla too.

lilbean | October 21, 2017

Hihihihi, akikiki :)

GHammer | October 21, 2017

Good one bean.

gornikmarcin | October 21, 2017

LOL, very funny. SBMD, J.T I had a lough. Frunk is funky.

Just to mention the rear facing seats !!! Scary will never put my kids there. If anything rear ends the model S that has bumper higher than the bumper of a tesla it will be really bad for rear seats occupants.

gornikmarcin | October 21, 2017

FYI the Trunk cover can be manually lifted in case of emergency. Even when there is no Power.

gornikmarcin | October 23, 2017

SamO, how about you check the other picture while the Semi was still inside the Tesla model S. I agree the bumper is design perfectly, however if anything slams into model S that has it's bumper higher than the protection bumper this is what actually happens. I got this from the Tesla forum link you posted. I guess you didn't read people's comments.
Look at this picture and tell me again if you would like your kids to be in trunk or the back seat.

NKYTA | October 23, 2017

I thought we were talking about door handles...of which two look “presented” on the side we can see.

What next, OP?

gornikmarcin | October 23, 2017

I was just responding to SamO post. Yes this Tesla did a good job presenting the handles.

What is next you tell me Nikita.

Silver2K | October 23, 2017

Yeah, Nikita!