Dotted yellow line

Dotted yellow line

I've noticed a dotted yellow line the last couple times i drove my car on the dash between the 30 and 60 in the regenetive braking section. Any one know what that is? I was also out of town for 3 days with car being plugged in the whole time.

shop | October 25, 2013

Usually you get that if you did a full range charge on your battery. Regen is limited until you use up some energy. There is also a yellow line due to cold weather until the battery heats up.

NKYTA | October 25, 2013

It almost certainly means you had your slider set for a full range charge. When the battery is full "regen" when you brake has no place to put all those electrons.

I freaked out on my second day of ownership last year when it happened to me...because of course I had to try out the range charge. :-)

Unclbeny | October 25, 2013

i did not have the full range charge on. It happens once in the morning then again that same afternoon???

NKYTA | October 25, 2013

As @shop said, if it is cold, regen will also be limited. Is it particularly cold where you are?

If the temp is greater than freezing, I'd suggest a trip to the service center.

Unclbeny | October 25, 2013

Might have been 40 this morning

Captain_Zap | October 25, 2013


I disagree. Just cool temperatures make a difference and you will see a dotted yellow line. It doesn't have to be down to freezing. I had my car all last winter, so I have some experience with it. The limiter clears after the car warms itself up and you are good to go.

ssarker | October 25, 2013

Have started seeing the dotted line if the car has been sitting in 40 degree temperature for a few hours. Goes away once heated up. I keep forgetting to use the app!

Bighorn | October 25, 2013

Dotted line appears around 10degC or 50degF. No great mystery.

NKYTA | October 25, 2013

@Zap, et al, thanks for the numbers.
Well, there you have it, from sunny California. I've not seen it based on cold, only after range charges. Clearly this would be different in my home state of Wisconsin.

docdac | October 26, 2013

I have also had the yellow line regen limiter on for the past week or two here in Minnesota. Daytime highs about 40-50 deg F, and cooler than that in my garage overnight. This has been constant, around 30kW regen limit, during my brief 4 mile drive to/from work.
This is DIFFERENT than last winter. Last winter, with different firmware, the energy output limiter (top half of gauge) would come on first on a cold day. The lower gauge regen limiter would only come on 1) on a very cold/subzero day or 2) with a full range charge. In both cases the regen limiter went away after about 10 minutes of driving, presumably due to battery heating.
Having regen limiter come on before power output limiter is NEW this year on these cool days!

Rheumboy | October 26, 2013

Damn....and all this time I thought that was an indicator telling me it was ok to pass someone on a 2 lane :-)