Doug Bourn, Brian Finn, Andrew Ingram

Doug Bourn, Brian Finn, Andrew Ingram

I am very disappointed to have visited the Tesla website tonight with no mention of the three lives that were lost one year ago today. I hope to God there was some sort of remembrance that took place today at Tesla...maybe a moment of silence. Anyone know? Elon?

the bonnie | February 18, 2011

I cannot comment regarding if there were a moment of silence in remembrance ... but I can tell you that when I visited the Menlo Park store a few weeks ago, the memory was still very real and present among employees there. They are not forgotten.

And the Roadster that I picked up has a memorial screen with their names. They're with me (and other Roadster owners) on every mile on the road ...

searcher | February 18, 2011

I haven't been into the Tesla long enough to know about these people. If not too painful would someoone tell me about them.Thanks

the bonnie | February 19, 2011


Three valued Tesla employees died in a private plane crash just over a year ago. As I mentioned above, their memory is still very much alive - and my Roadster has a 'In Memoriam' screen on the display, with their three names.

Wired magazine article to read fully:


Timo | February 19, 2011

Odd, I thought I posted a message here. Google the names, there are a lot of hits about this plane crash, first few point here in different locations. Some of the hits bring up a bit uglier aftermath of the incident. Too ugly for discussion here.

searcher | February 19, 2011

Thanks for the information everyone. My condolences to all.

Brian H | February 20, 2011

On the previous forum layout, Elon had dedicated the Management forum lead post to them for several months afterwards. Don't know if it's still linkable or not.