Drive through car washes?

Drive through car washes?

Does anybody take there Tesla to a drive through car wash. It sounds like everyone hand washes their car. Is the Tesla paint really vulnerable to scratching? I take my current car through a soft cloth drive through car was at least once a week and have no issues with scratching or swirl marks.

lilbean | July 15, 2018

Every car will scratch in a car wash. If I lived near you, I could show you all the scratches. ;)

lilbean | July 15, 2018

Or you could post a close up picture with good lighting and I will point out the scratches for you.

EVRider | July 15, 2018

Yes, some people do take their Teslas to roll-through car washes, and no, Tesla paint is not more vulnerable than other automakers’ paint.

g1ick | July 15, 2018

Thank you, EVRider. I will use my Model 3 like a car and use the car wash.

Remnant | July 15, 2018

@g1ick (OP, July 15, 2018)

<< Drive through car washes? >>

The following link indicates we can use a touchless car wash or have the car fully wrapped in XPEL and Coated with Opticoat, then use any automated car wash.

docdac | July 19, 2018

I would recommend a touch less car wash if you use one.

Rocky_H | July 19, 2018

It's a car; not a Rembrandt painting. I use regular car washes, with those rags that drag back and forth across the car, because it's a car. Detailer guy who did Opticoat Pro tried four or five ways to point out swirl marks when I first took the car to him. Apparently you have to have some kind of mutant superpowers to be able to see that kind of thing, so it's not something I worry about. | July 19, 2018

I'm lazy so I use a drive through car wash that just sprays stuff on the car, rinses it off and blows it dry. No scratches.

Davila1024 | July 21, 2018

I don"t do automatic brush car washes. issues to consider. 1. scratches from poorly maintained brushes. 2.. filthy dry towels. and the most import is the tire rail that pushes your car along the car wash will and has ruined low profile cars with expensive rims. I have seen the damage the steel rails have caused on rims

sara.huntington | July 27, 2018

Most cars paint is more vulnerable to scratching and chipping due to paint laws put into place in 2007. Paint is now thinner so chips and scratches happen more often. The best way to wash the car is through a touchless car wash. Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating is a great way to protect your Tesla.

LOWTECK53 | July 27, 2018

Living in MN means washing your car weekly if not daily in the winter to keep it really clean. Still when my car arrives I will hand wash it in my heated garage. Two reasons, one it's easier on the paint, and Two, I can get the car 10Xs cleaner doing it myself than some $9/Hr teenager will do for me. No it's not a Rembrandt painting but it's a $55,000 car that I hope will outlast me. (I'm 65). The manual is advises not to use high pressure water to clean the camera lenses. I know of no car washes that do NOT use high pressure water to clean the cars.

lilbean | July 27, 2018

I prefer to drive past car washes, not through them.

+100 lowtech

sales | August 5, 2018

Drive through car washes are not a good "go-to" to get your car washed and looking good. Most people who care about their cars and want them to look good all the time make the smart decision to wash it only by hand. Touchless car washes are good at preventing scratches and swirls on your paint, but the only real way to protect your car and prevent scratches and swirls and get the car 100% clean in to get the vehicle detailed or hand washed by an experienced person(s). Over time, its better to put in the extra money than to risk damaging your car. Other options you have are forms of paint protection, such as paint protection films or ceramic coatings. These are great things to do to newer cars that have minimal defects and will preserve the look of your vehicle, make them very easy to clean, and above all, protect them.

lilbean | August 5, 2018

You have to watch out for some "professional detainers". Many put large swirls in cars.

Rocky_H | August 6, 2018

By the way, for those reading along at home, here's what the word "damaging" in this quote means:

Quote: "Over time, its better to put in the extra money than to risk damaging your car. "

People who have the detailers' mutation who can see defects will be passing out, while normal people will be looking at it and saying, "Looks pretty good" and don't see a problem.

mike | August 6, 2018

My recommendation: Have it detailed (clay bar + wax) about 1-2 per year and use a drive-thru carwash when necessary to keep it clean. The wax will protect the paint. Even if you don't want to use the drive thru, the wax will make it much easier to hand wash.

RIP ICE | August 7, 2018

I can't imagine using ONR in snow country. Back before I had the good sense to move to a snow-free location, I would arrive home every day with my car covered with snow, salt, sand, gravel, and clinker. I wouldn't dare to touch that with a microfiber cloth on any car I cared about! Spray wash would be the only way to go.

I agree with those of you saying it's just a car.

And yet I still ONR my Model 3 almost every day. Maybe next year it will be "just a car".

arlenehubbard | December 5, 2018

I have a new model x and would love to find a place in the Poway/RB area to wash my vehicle. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

AAAAUTOSPA | August 24, 2019

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SCCRENDO | August 24, 2019

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