Drive units

Drive units

Tesla will begin building drive units at the Gigafactory soon, once it becomes an "alien dreadnaught". I wonder if Tesla would consider selling their drive units to another manufacturer to customize into their own. Tesla has had contracts with Toyota and Mercedes in the past. They could easily make them compatible with the supercharger network. Forgive me if this has already been addressed. I did a quick search and found nothing.

jordanrichard | November 16, 2016

Yes in theory it is true that with the Gigafactory they could supply both battery packs and drive units to others. However, first they would need to be able to exceed production of said DUs that will be needed for their own cars.

Yes, they did supply Toyota early on just for 1 model in one state (eRav4 in CA) and that they I believe still supply batteries/DUs to Mercedes for their e-Smart and B-Class EV cars, but those are very low volume cars.