Drive-away door lock feature

Drive-away door lock feature

I like the part of this feature that locks the doors when you start driving, but I don't understand the rationale behind unlocking the doors when you shift into Park. There will be times when you park somewhere, especially at night or in unfamiliar territory, and for security purposes you won't want the car to be accessible from the outside. I understand that you can lock up using the touch screen controls but I think it would be better to have the car stay locked as the default. You can always open the doors using the inside handles. I hope that Tesla can modify this in a future software update.

eltonf | June 2, 2013

I agree. It's annoying to me as well. If I tap the lock button on the console then the doors should remain locked even when I shift to park.

stevenmaifert | June 2, 2013

Agree. There should also be a security feature that allows you to only unlock the drivers side door when unlocking from the outside rather than having all the handles extend. That's a common feature on just about all cars with keyless fob unlocking. One click, driver's door only, two clicks, all doors.

David Trushin | June 2, 2013

Lock/unlock protocols should be user configurable with many options.

Byong | June 2, 2013

New owner for 1 day, so maybe I'm just not used to it yet, but, I'm not sure how to tell when the car is turned off and locked. If the door handles are retracted, is it locked? Several times, I've put the car in park and walked away thinking it would lock itself, but end up just clicking the key fob to do what I think is lock the car.

NKYTA | June 2, 2013


"If the door handles are retracted, is it locked?"


If you are a freak like me, you obsessively check the iPhone app after you've parked and more than 20s has passed to see if she is locked. OR, you click the fob once as you walk away to "make sure"...and then you check the app again, just to make sure. ;-)

deeptesla | June 2, 2013

@nkyta +1

i thought i was the only one :)

Carmine | June 2, 2013

If the handles retract but the lights do not flash your MS is not locked.
If you turn for a second and possibly miss seeing the handles retract and the lights flash, look at the 17" screen. If it's still on the car is not locked. If it's off it's locked.
But, I must confess, I too use the app just to make sure!

olanmills | June 3, 2013

If you're that concerned, you can always just leave your car in Drive. I find that at most stop lights, the car doesn't move at all when I let go of the brake.

But anyways, I like the way it behaves now because it's the most convenient way to pick up someone who's waiting for you. Pull up, tap the end of the shift lever, and the door handles extend for them. Admittedly, it's not really much more effort to use the touchscreen to extend the handles, but still, I like it.

steadicam | July 22, 2013

@olanmills..." I like the way it behaves now because it's the most convenient way to pick up someone who's waiting for you".

It's also the most convenient way to pick up a "bad guy" who's waiting for you. There should be an option to NOT have all the door handles extend and invite anyone in when you put the car in park. This is a serious security issue.

cfOH | July 22, 2013

@steadicam: But as far as I'm aware, that's the norm on pretty much every car out there. If you put the car in Park, the doors unlock automatically. And (ahem) the door handles are extended, inviting just anyone in. So how is this more bad than normal?

cfOH | July 22, 2013

My previous comment was comparing the MS to other cars, not to other MSes. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

SamO | July 22, 2013

But I am guessing that MS will have a security feature only opening for the driver as an update sometime soon.

Brian H | July 22, 2013

No reports of MS-jacks yet.

Captain_Zap | July 22, 2013

I learned something here. I never activated the drive away door lock feature before. We another car we had that had the drive away lock feature but we had to manually unlock the door to get out. I was always annoyed by that.

I might try the drive away lock feature now.

hcwhy | December 26, 2013

Has there been a software update that allows one to unlock only the drivers door like every other car I've ever had that had a fob? One click, drivers door unlocks...two clicks all doors unlock. Simple. Safe. Effective.

I didn't order the tech package because I thought the "walk away" feature caused these problems. From this thread it looks like I still won't have control over who's allowed in my car and who isn't. It sounds like this car even invites bad guys into your car by extending lit doorhandles at night!

Now, according to what I read here, I find out that even when I put the car in park the car invites anyone in the area to climb on in.

This is a very serious security issue and I sure hope that either it has been fixed or will be by the time I get my car. If not it will severely restrict where I'm comfortable driving and parking it.

NKYTA | December 26, 2013

I'll try not to be too glib but it is hard in this particular case, for me, pre-apologies,

"This is a very serious security issue"

...where do you live? Detroit?. ;-)

I also see this as needing a fix, eventually, but if Tesla can succeed then stuff like this you'll get over the air (OTA). If you are a reservation holder, you can start voting on the Prioritized Software Enhancement forum thread, and this request is already on the list, I believe.

Knock down those crazies with your High-Watt Tesla Grin!

Hmm...maybe we need to require all new Tesla owners to go through that teeth-whitening program...

hcwhy | December 26, 2013


frankviaje | December 26, 2013

Just go to the control menu, and you can securely lock yourself in your MS.
What concerns me is the interval between exiting the car and the handles retracting. Can someone just hop in and drive off with my MS? I need to investigate further...

hcwhy | December 27, 2013

@NKTYA....I'm glad that you live in a place where where all you need is shiny white teeth to protect you from thugs and gang bangers in the rust belt (Cincinnati) we're not quite so lucky. Imagine coming back to your MS to find a group of questionable looking characters checking out the car. At that point an "eventual" fix to the problem of having to unlock all doors and having the handles pop out all lit up...or not unlock any doors at all, would seem a whole lot more urgent. Perhaps in your world you don't see pictures of mugging victims on the news every night, or have not been victimized yourself, because if you had, you would understand the potential consequences of the design of the locking device of the MS.

P.S. I don't think wearing a Superman cape would help either.

Mathew98 | December 27, 2013

@hcwhy - Use the Tesla app to honk the horn remotely if you see a bunch of thugs surrounding your car from 50 or 100 feet away. Then call your local authority if you're parking in the hoodlum in that scenario.

I usually make a stop by the housing projects almost every day and haven't received any negative attentions yet.

Let's call a cab if you're going to be in a questionable neighborhood and alleviate your gang related violence anxiety...