"Driver Assistance features unavailable"

"Driver Assistance features unavailable"

I have the received the above error message on my P85D (2015). A vehicle reboot did not resolve the problem. Is this a known and serious issue? | December 6, 2018

Serious - no, but likely your camera (AP1) has a problem or the AP module and you can't use AP until it is fixed. I'd arrange for a service appointment.

dsodonoghue | December 6, 2018

Known and not normally serious. For me it happens most often if I’ve left the car facing the sun.

The fix is to fully power down the car for 10 minutes: controls e-brake and power off.

Sometimes you have to do it more than once.

jakeworld | December 6, 2018

Thank you.

hammer @OR-US | December 6, 2018

My car of that vintage had the error intermittently under a variety of conditions. Tesla replaced the camera, haven't had the error since.

porkchopnjk | December 6, 2018

Have to leave my S 100D for a month or more. I understand that its best to "trickle charge" my 12 Volt battery. Can anyone walk me through these steps?

Firaz | December 6, 2018

I would highly recommend you check it with Service Center, last I had the message 2 weeks ago during our first road trip (got it used a month earlier, AP1), the message disappeared after supercharging, but while driving on cruise control in mild highway traffic (~35-40mph), the car triggered an emergency breaking, we were lucky we did not get hit. SC replaced the forward camera and issue did not reoccur. | December 6, 2018

@prorkchoppnjk - see your thread on 12v.

Best to create a new thread rather than insert an unrelated topic into another thread.

jeff_pearce | December 6, 2018

Did you happen to hit a road hazard? I hit a large piece of tire in the middle of the road and it broke the radar mount in the front bumper. Funny thing is that it didnt' go off right away (maybe the next day). The features would intermittently go away for weeks at a time, and then return for weeks at a time while I was waiting on parts. Only cost me $125.00 to replace the mount. Even if the radar sensor was malfunctioning, it was only going to cost around $350.00. No way I thought it would be something that simple. Hardest part was waiting for the bracket/mount (about 2.5 months).