Driver Profile

Driver Profile

Hello, can anyone tell me if the Model S has "Driver Profile" option? If it does how do I set that up?

jat | February 21, 2013

Yes, if you don't have the original cloth seats. The icon is in the top row just to the right of the homelink icon. Read the manual for more details.

lalo | February 21, 2013

jat@jaet - so this option is only available with leather seats?

shs | February 21, 2013

I would hope (more than that) that even with the original cloth non-memory seats, one could still use the driver profile for mirrors, etc. I would be very disappointed otherwise.

jat | February 21, 2013

@lalo - Newer cloth seats have 12-way adjustability and memory (ie, electronically controlled position). The original cloth seats, ie any purchased before the price increase, have the controls only inside the seat. Personally, I would have still found it useful to have driver profiles even if it couldn't adjust the seats, but not a great loss.

@shs - prepare for disappointment

hikerockies | February 27, 2013

@jat - This is what options page said earlier this month, i.e. cloth seats come with 12-way adjustment with heating and memory. Last night I noticed, memory has disappeared from the list for cloth seats on the options and pricing page. This changing specs is rather disconcerting. I really wanted the memory function but don't care for the leather seats. I finalized my configuration earlier this month after verifying on options and pricing page that cloth seats indeed come with memory. Now I do not know what features will I get on the cloth seats on my car.

jat | February 27, 2013

@azizkhan - I see they have removed memory from the cloth seat specs -- perhaps they are having supplier issues getting the one they want.

dubaty | April 20, 2013

I just received my MS60 with cloth seats and the driver profile is not included. This is probably the only disappointment I have encountered so far. The car is great, but I feel penalized for not wanting leather. Now it is included with the Tech Package (which I purchased), but only after April 1. I will probably be the only driver of this car for some time so not a total tragedy, but at this price, position memory seems like it should have been included.

ddruz | April 20, 2013

@dubaty, But remember you saved a significant amount of money. Were you to order textile today plus tech you'd get the driver profiles but you would pay $2500 more. Had you ordered leather when you did you would have paid $1500 more. No worries, particularly since you are the only driver for at least some time. You did great.

dubaty | April 21, 2013

@ddruz. Interesting point, though at the time I purchased, I didn't even have the option unless I went with leather, which I didn't want. Certainly hasn't spoiled my enjoyment. Now if they would activate music storage...