Driver side rear light coming off

Driver side rear light coming off


Has anyone had the driver side rear reading/ambient (or I'm not sure what to call it) light coming off? This is the one right above the door. Or may be any other similar light in the car come off?

I guess this was loosely attached or something like that - the plastic piece/clip that looks like a grommet just came off and the light went behind the roof liner, while trying to click the light on. It seems like it is held in place just by the cover piece clipping on the light. I have located the light, but don't know how to attach it back (seems to need some sort of a suction tool or some such thing). Service center appts. of course take 3 weeks or so for this .. So wanted to find out. Concerned a bit as there are wires attached to this with a harness and there the metallic roof right behind this .. don't want to have a short circuit.


gill_sans | October 15, 2013

Same thing happened to us a couple weeks after delivery (and my similar topic on this forum seems to have mysteriously disappeared--well, I couldn't find it when I searched for it on When I took the car a couple days ago to get tire pressure checked (it was being reported low in the cool mornings we've been having) the service concierge kindly topped them up, and I asked if reseating the LED reading lamp in the grommet was a quick simple fix or not.

Answer: unfortunately not. Apparently the whole side panel needs to be opened up so the light can be reseated from behind. Major bummer.

Exact same LED as the one you report. Also the same LED was popped out in the Model S that we test drove. One wonders if there's something slightly off about the design of that LED...!