Drivers Comfort on MX

Drivers Comfort on MX

I am considering either a MS or a MX and currently have a MX reservation. I tried out a MS a year ago and did not like the comfort and room of the drivers area but it was an older model. I was hoping that Air Suspension could also help with ingress/egress and make the car more accessible which I did not try at the time because I was unaware of the feature.

So I tried the AS on an older MS last night. Made a big difference in the height in getting in and out. I still had some issues navigating the A pillar though, even with the car raised all the way up. I have back problems that prevents me from leaning over or bending much. Still needed some contortion to get into the MS. Not comfortable but doable.

Now my other concern is that I did not find the legroom or seating area roomy enough on the drivers side. We thought we moved the seat all the way back but still not enough room. At the MX reveal I only sat in the passenger side and I don't remember it being as cramped as the MS but I will have to check again when there are units available to sit in and drive.

Is there anyone who is tall, was at the reveal and has tried out both the MX and MS drivers side to compare the leg room, seat width and steering wheel position (all the drivers comfort points) and can comment on their impression?