Driving along....everything freezes Firmware 2019.8.3 & 8.4

Driving along....everything freezes Firmware 2019.8.3 & 8.4

Made me chuckle but mildly unnerving.

Even Auto-Pilot still worked but both screens were completely frozen. So you can't set/change anything. Don't know how fast you're going & in this car I need to see the speed limit or I'll be doing 80 before I know it. It was almost as if static shock froze everything

Had FM radio on & that was fine but couldn't change the channel.

Blinkers didn't work - no reverse camera - screen frozen.....nothing.

I ignored it until I got to my next destination. Once there I performed the reboot & all is well in the Tesla world again.

I rebooted three times now since the firmware update about 36 hours ago.

Car still drove just fine. Braking, Accelerating, Steering - zero issues just no instrumentation.

Weirdest thing - first time that's ever happened

mbp11 | March 28, 2019

I am a few days post the 2019.8.3 software update and I got in the car last night to drive home. While on the road, all of a sudden, the screens go black- still driving along, radio stops, center screen is black, so I reboot and wait... and the screens come back. Still was able to drive, but it was erie.

I share your concern. I guess the new software has to clear out bugs and flush the memory buffers

Mike P

mathwhiz | March 28, 2019

Please OPs (jjgunn in this case...) always include your software version, since we're not keen to guess. '-)

TDUB | March 28, 2019

@mathwhiz, you rebooted while you were still driving, right?

jjgunn | March 28, 2019

All set - Good call on including the version

LTR | March 28, 2019

Got my update yesterday. Today, after parking at the office, got in the car and it was completely dead. No startup. Had to do a reboot and all back to normal.

Tdreamer | March 30, 2019

Updated to 2019.8.4 this morning from 2018.50.6 on my AP2.5/MCU1 Sept '17 X100D. Things were working fine today until this afternoon after 85 files total miles driven post-update, I had the MCU lock up on me after I got back in the car. Put the car in reverse and backup camera never came up and center screen was unresponsive to touch. Had to reboot to resolve. We'll see if this is a recurring issue or not. I had done a full reboot after completing the update this morning I should add which is my normal post-update procedure.

burdogg | March 30, 2019

jjgunn - you can do the reboot while driving :)

jjgunn | March 30, 2019 I've heard.

This afternoon my front screen rebooted while the center screen stayed operational during a drive. Received the "Take over immediately" msg on the center screen as I was in NoAP.

I performed 2 reboots directly after firmware install. Then.... This morning, after SuperCharging completed performed another reboot.

Everything seems to be ok but I'm more diligent than ever when on Driver-Assist.

paul | March 30, 2019

I asked for 2019.8.3 to be installed on the phone to our local SC on Thursday. An hour later I got a push notification and selected to install it. I was 2000km away from the car! (kind of cool).

Now Friday morning both screens went black, reset and booted up again while my wife was driving to work (I was still many many KM away).

This morning in a shopping centre I got in the car, went to put in my pin (for pin to drive) and it frooze, a few seconds later it rebooted.

This is rather unnerving. It's a P100DL that I got 2 weeks ago....

Has anyone got 19.8.4 and hasn't had it happen again?

bp | March 31, 2019

After updating to 8.3, our HPWC no longer opens the charge port on our X 100D. We have to manually open the charge port from the center console in order to charge at home.

Anyone else seeing this?

Biznews | March 31, 2019

same here on my X100D AP2. it opens on touch but not from the HPWC since 2019.8.4 530d1d3

Teslapalooza | March 31, 2019

Same with me. It stopped opening the charge port automatically be it at home or at at the super chargers.

raffidesigns | March 31, 2019

Looks like the software is still having bugs, memory flush required. My Model X is still on 2018.50.6. It looks I will be holding off from updating (then again I haven’t received anything).

tomturfer | March 31, 2019

Happened to me after update. Try aiming HPWC above port through rear window. I searched this forum for that solution and it worked for me. I then re-booted just to be safe. It's working now.

Vawlkus | April 1, 2019

The HPWC not opening the door will sort itself out after a reboot or two.

Same for climate control not wanting to start from the app.

mbirnie51 | April 1, 2019

My vehicle: March 2017 build, HW 2.0, MX 75D, EAP since purchase and on 2019.8.3 since Friday March 29 with 34,000 miles, FSD purchased on 3/4. I went on 125 mile trip yesterday with no issues and one Supercharger stop. I have done a few errand trips near the house too. It seems that the bugs are getting fewer and I thank my lucky stars I haven't experienced them....

khoat1 | April 13, 2019

Ever since upgrading to 2019.8.3 and 2019.8.5, MCU has frozen and rebooted on its own. It happened at least 10 times today during a 100 mile round trip. I hope the next update gets these issues resolved.

ajdelange | April 13, 2019

8.3 must have been pretty buggy because it was replaced by 8.4 only 9 days after it was downloaded. And 8.4 was replaced 4 days after that. Yes, the HPWC would not open the charge point starting, I think, with 8.3. That problem went away with 8.5.

mathwhiz | April 13, 2019

All complex software has bugs.

mathwhiz | April 13, 2019

Im surprised anyone bothers to try opening the charge port with the wand.. Just push the port corner. Not a hardship. '-)

jjgunn | April 13, 2019

I usually open it via the center screen. Funny how people choose to use the same item differently.

Since 8.5 - I have had no freezes or reboots on my Model X 100D - The Model 3 however seems to still have issues with 8.5 according to the M3 forum.

Vawlkus | April 15, 2019

I’m not getting freezes or crashes with 8.5, but I am periodically getting the charger door not opening from the charger button. I just tap it open, so it’s not an issue; I just haven’t found a reason for it to act that way yet (besides the software).

Teslapalooza | April 15, 2019

I am seeing screen freezes/reboots, as well as the issue of charging port door not opening. On 8.5

Coldfire73 | April 15, 2019

I've only had it freeze once on 8.5. I had the radio on (Spotify stopped working before it completely froze), but skipping the station was a mistake and ended up getting same repeating few milliseconds which was really annoying. Which is why I did my first screen reboot while driving (panic!!! :) )

Also had the charge port door not opening on the charger button for the HPWC (once i think)

MyMXRed | April 15, 2019

My bluetooth sounds horrible after the latest software update, cannot hear anything to either parties on the phone.. only huge static and muddled voice. I never experienced this before, the bluetooth pairs easily but the calls are horrible. I rebooted and re-paired multiple times but no luck. It happens with both Iphone as well as android phones. The music is fine only the calls are impacted.

mbp11 | April 15, 2019

I have a July 2018 MX, sofware version 2019.8.5 3aaa23d
The main screen MCU went black while driving yesterday. Radio stopped after a few moments and nothing happened. The driver's dashboard screen continued to work. Was considering rebooting with the double scroll wheel, but eventually the Tesla "T" came back and everything came back to normal. Disconcerting. Should have called in a bug report.
No problem with the charge door opening if I tap it but it does not open up wihen approached with the charge cable.
Car goes crazy if I am next to another car and turning in a two lane turn and the turn signals are on.
Merges and on ramps are better.
Hitting 121 miles on the Tesla app 3.8.3 adn tapping the battery icon is very funny

Mike P

jjgunn | April 15, 2019

@mbp11 - I wonder if your sensors need some re-calibration?

121 = Back to the Future Easter Egg - hilarious

melmoe53 | April 19, 2019

Besides having the center console and dashboard shutting down on you, has anyone experienced the car slowing down and coming to a halt during the shutdown?

ozonelives | April 23, 2019

just installed 2019.8.5 release over the weekend and the screen went black while my wife was driving the kids to school. The car rebooted and seems ok for the moment, but definitely a bit of a frightening experience (we've only had the car a month). She was mostly freaking out because she couldn't tell if her turn signals still work. I told her I was pretty sure they did, just no indicator.

jjgunn | April 23, 2019

After any firmware install/upgrade has completed - I personally do another reboot. Go for a short drive & test everything out. Then when I arrive back home do another reboot. Then let the car sleep for the night. Served me well so far.

mbp11 | April 24, 2019

I have had some funny things happen on my July 2018 MX, 2019.8.5. Yesterday the backup camera display stopped displaying when backing up, the screen came up but it was black.. Before that the backup camera would be slow to turn on when backing up, there was a short hesitation and a black display before it came on. The proximity alert was working, there was no other misbehavior. I did a steering wheel reboot, an complete auto reboot and let the car sit in the garage overnight. Will test it today.

What did you all think of the Tesla Autonomy video on YouTube? I looked at most of it and found the explanations of how they are using neural learning to detect problems, reporting back to the mother ship and then doing a mass enquiry of all other cars and examples of the problem, running it through their programming and then pushing out the solutions to our cars. Whether or not we are in autodrive, the car is recording and watching and they are logging when we have to take over from the car, and what the issues were. I suppose that is why they also appreciate "bug alerts" like sudden slowdowns while on auto drive on open roads, they can look at the camera output and figure out what is wrong.

I notice that the merges now are much better, the car hangs back and allows other cars to go ahead.

Mike P